PPI’s free Systems Engineering Key Downloads

Extensive free systems engineering key downloads and resources supported by industry leading SE professionals

Welcome to PPI’s free Systems Engineering Key Downloads page. Below you will find a list of presentations, data item descriptions, and reports. In addition to the free downloads, you are invited to subscribe to PPI’s Systems Engineering Goldmine. Subscribe here. The Goldmine contains over 4GB of downloadable information relevant to the engineering of systems, and a searchable systems engineering definitions database containing 8,700+ defined terms. Register here.

Presentation: Integrating Program/Project Management & Systems Engineering Integration     (11.6MB)

Presentation: The Business Case for Systems Engineering     (9MB)

Presentation: The Business Case for Requirements Engineering     (3.0MB)

Presentation: A Framework of Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes Conductive to High Performance Engineering     (11.5MB)

Presentation: Systems Engineering in a Research Environment     (827KB)

Presentation: Integrating PM and SE     (11.6MB)

Requirements Analysis Overview     (791KB)

Short Paper: Requirements Analysis that Works!     (283KB)

Paper: Requirements Quality Metrics Paper with Addendum     (249KB)

Paper: Types of Requirements     (70KB)

DID – Systems Requirements Specification (SyRS)     (276KB)

DID – Software Requirement Specification (SRS)     (279KB)

DID – Interface Requirements Specification (IRS)     (159KB)

DID – Verification Requirements Specification (VRS)     (111KB)

DID – Operational Concept Description (OCD)     (271KB)

DID – System/Subsystem Design Description (SSDD)     (186KB)

DID – Concept of Operations (CONOPS)     (127KB)

DID – Interface Design Description (IDD)     (114KB)

DID – Systems Engineering Plan (SEP)     (282KB)

Download: A 25 page review of ISO/IEC 15288:2015     (256KB)

Application Guidance for ISO/IEC 15288:2008, “Systems and software engineering – System Life Cycle Processes”      (172KB)

Requirements Management Tools List     (123KB)

Requirements Traceability Report in Requirements Analysis (RTR-RA)     (332KB)

Requirements Traceability Report in Systems Design (RTR-SD)     (231KB)

Software Engineering Downloads – by Capers Jones

Software Defect Removal Efficiency     (281KB)

Software Requirements and the Ethics of Software Engineering     (268KB)

Evaluating Ten Software Development Methodologies     (229KB)

Software Quality Metrics      (246KB)

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