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Join us at the INCOSE International Symposium IS 2022, in which we will be participating both virtually and physically. PPI is also excited to be sponsoring INCOSE IS 2022. Notable events and resources are: What Force is More Powerful Than Profit? Live presentation by PPI’s Randall Iliff, Course Presenter & Principal Consultant For those attending IS […]

Systems Engineering Tools Database (SETDB) Working Group Wins Product of the Year 2021 at the INCOSE IW

PPI’s Managing Director, Robert Halligan, and Senior Engineer, René King, were pleased to receive the Product of the Year award in 2021 along with SETDB WG Co-Chairs John Nallon and Stephane LaCrampe at the IW held in Torrance, California in 2022. The certificate states: ‘The INCOSE SETDB Working Group in Partnership with Project Performance International […]

Two New Records for PPI and CTI to End the Year with a Bang

Last year PPI/CTI set a new record of five PPI/CTI courses running simultaneously in one week! In the last week of November, the record was broken, with six concurrent courses! Like everything we do, this is a result of a team effort of the presenter team, production, marketing, business development, and administration […]

CTI Welcomes Celia Wan

PPI subsidiary company Certification Training International (CTI) continues to expand in China with the addition of Celia Wan to the team. Celia is very skilled in translation, a great organizer and is assisting Victoria Huang and the delivery team towards CTI’s mission to deliver highest quality INCOSE SEP Exam Preparation training throughout China.

PPI SE Courses for the Americas go Monthly

PPI’s 5-Day systems engineering course (SE5D) has always been popular in the Americas – the United States, Canada, Brazil, and other South American countries. This popularity is due to a strong orientation of the training towards how to successfully engineer systems with intensely practical, very efficient and effective methods for requirements capture and validation, physical […]

Reflections on the INCOSE International Symposium 2021

I have a saying, “The two best ways of spending a week on systems engineering are firstly to participate in PPI’s 5-day systems engineering class, and secondly, to attend (is that still the right word?) the annual INCOSE International Symposium (IS)”. My participation in the IS over July 19-22, 2021 has not changed that view. […]

CTI Joins Forces with Bluekei Solutions for SEP-Exam Preparation Courses in APAC

Certification Training International (CTI) and BlueKei Solutions (a provider of consulting, training, project-management, and workshops on innovation, based in Pune, India) have signed an agreement to collaborate on the delivery of INCOSE SEP exam-preparation courses to the Asia-Pacific region […]

PPI and INCOSE to Launch Updated Systems Engineering Tools Database at IS-2021

Project Performance International (PPI) and the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) will demonstrate an improved version of their Systems Engineering Tool Database (SETDB) at INCOSE’s International Symposium (IS-2021), to be held virtually July 17-22, 2021. Reflecting three years […]

PPI Announces Its Consultancy to Support Astronomy Project in the United States

PPI has won a contract to provide systems engineering and SE-PM-integration advice to a major client in the USA astronomy sector. This is PPI’s second consultancy supporting an astronomy project, with its first being with a European client in relation to processes for system architecting […]

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