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IISE Annual 2023 is over – now what?



PPI had the pleasure of attending and exhibiting at the IISE Annual this year. PPI was represented by Business Development Manager and Senior Engineer, René King, as well as Principal Consultant and Course Presenter, Randall Iliff

Randall shares his highlights and reflections on the event below:

“It was great to see so many students at the 2023 IISE Annual; the energy and curiosity they bring to the event is always contagious. I’m no doubt a bit biased as a co-founder of INCOSE, but I sincerely hope more and more of these young minds explore the systems engineering subset of the IISE community, and from there come to embrace the larger world of SE professional practice. 

One key take-away from the event this year for me was the emergence of “Systems of Intelligent Systems” consisting of one or more AI agents within what we would otherwise think of as a “System of Systems” or “System of Autonomous Systems” environment. The challenges associated with validating and verifying such systems will be extraordinary, and in all likelihood depend on other Systems of Intelligent Systems whose true pedigree is uncertain. It’s definitely an interesting time to be alive, and filled with opportunity for those who can design and manage such systems!”

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Links to resources we shared at the IISE


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