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3 SE Tools That Can Change a Company 
Robert Halligan

Sep 23, 2021
Video duration: 40:28 mins

Six Myths of Systems Engineering 
Robert Halligan

Jul 26, 2021
Video duration: 13:16 mins

What is The Wedge Model™?
Robert Halligan

Feb 8, 2021
Video duration: 44:22 mins

Integrating Program Management and Systems Engineering
Randall Iliff and John Thomas of The PMI-INCOSE-MIT Strategic Alliance.

Jun 14, 2018
Video duration: 11:17 mins

Getting the Most out of “Work” Breakdown Structure 
Robert Halligan

Jun 4, 2016
Video duration: 47:52 mins

Best Practices in Risk Management
Bijan Elahi

Oct 12, 2022
Video duration: 41:35 mins


An Overview of ISO/IEC/IEEE – INCOSE SA – Robert Halligan
Oct 6t, 2015
Audio duration: 1:07:24 hr

Chapter Meetings (Western Cape) Podcast — Systems Engineering – INCOSE SA – Robert Halligan
Nov 14, 2013
Audio duration: 31:42 mins

The Business Case for Systems Engineering – INCOSE SA – Robert Halligan
Nov 17, 2011
Audio duration: 1:21:18 hr

System Engineering – INCOSE SA
Robert Halligan
Audio duration: 31 min

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