PPI Subsidiaries

Certification Training International (CTI)

Established as a subsidiary of Project Performance International (PPI) in 2008, Certification Training International’s (CTI) goal is to become the industry leader in providing SE certification training to the world’s systems engineering practitioners.
CTI’s INCOSE SEP Exam Preparation Course takes participants on an immersive journey through the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook V4, equipping participants with information to sit the knowledge examination comfortably. 
As a rigorous alternative to the INCOSE SEP certification program, CTI is also a proud approved training provider for the SE-ZERT® program (a vocational qualification offered by the German chapter of INCOSE (GfSE)).
CTI currently offers public and corporate training delivered live-online. 

Project Performance International USA Inc. (PPI-USA)

PPI-USA delivers in the United States the training program of Project Performance International (PPI).

T: +1 888 772 5174

E: enquiries@ppi-int.com

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