PPI SyEN Newsjournal

Read monthly Project Performance International's Systems Engineering Newsjournal, named "PPI SyEN". PPI SyEN presents for the engineering professional 30-60 pages of valuable technical articles on topical subjects, shorter technical pieces, in-depth coverage of the month's news in systems engineering and directly related fields, pointers to useful resources and relevant industry events, plus limited information on PPI's activities.

SyEN Newsjournal

PPI SyEN 120

Welcome to PPI SyEN January Edition. This edition takes off with news including recaps and achievements of some of the most prolific systems-related organizations. We also delve into the technology trends to watch as published by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) …

PPI SyEN 117

Welcome to PPI SyEN October Edition. This edition is centered around the theme ‘Making an Impact in Engineering’. You will find some stepping stones to help expand your knowledge of systems engineering and to contribute to the body of knowledge through your own works …

PPI SyEN 116

Welcome to PPI SyEN September Edition. Regardless of what your specific interest in SE is or whether you’re trying to learn as much as possible about the world of SE, this September release of PPI SyEN is for you …

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