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See what just a small few of our clients are saying.

“This was an out-of-range value for money course! The course gave me, in a week, what I have been self studying in years, and needed to, clarify wrong “self made” concepts. It provided me with with robust concepts and practical SE techniques for my work.”

– delegate, HATCH, Brazil

“Thank you for a great course. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and learned a lot throughout the week. I particularly liked how you are able to bring everything together with real-world examples. I’ll definitely be recommending your course to others who might benefit from your expertise.”

– delegate, Hatch Mott MacDonald, USA

“I appreciated the presenter’s ability to properly answer the questions with well thought–out answers, rather than quoting from standards and repeating what the text books say.”

– delegate, USA

“The best thing about the course was the overall knowledge of the presenter, and integration of workshops/lecture.”

– delegate, Boeing Co, USA

“One of the best and most valuable professional development classes, I have ever taken: Relevance, substance and depth and breath of presenter’s expertise. Wish I would have taken it earlier.”

– delegate, USA

“Great material and the knowledge of the presenter. The course provided very valuable information that will be put to use immediately.”

– delegate, Boeing Satellite Systems, USA

“I learned a great deal about my co-workers by observing their reactions to the course material – an invaluable part of the course for me. I will also benefit from the templates and other example/reference material. Being able to use these tools or standard templates will also be highly beneficial.”

– delegate, Draper Laboratory, USA

“Best thing about the course was Robert’s experience and energy. Also the course material provided. Being in Las Vegas was great!”

– delegate, ViaSat, Inc. , USA

“Deep, deep content!!! Requirements parsing!!!!! Each company handles, packages requirements/specifications differently – but it was great to get academic best practices – to know all that is to either be considered or streamlined.”

– delegate, Blackboard Inc., USA

“It was a pleasure meeting you and learning so much from you. You are a wealth of information”

– delegate, Royal Canadian Air Force, Canada

“Robert has very good experience in systems engineering, and includes in his delivery a lot of information about the subject.”

– delegate, Mectron Organização Odebrecht, Brazil

“Thanks a lot for the wonderful course. It was great teaching from you ….Thank you for the resourceful material on System Engineering…. very useful for my work scope.”

– delegate, Panasonic R&D Center Singapore, Singapore

“Good structure in the course, supplemented by professional course material, presented by a presenter who knew what he was talking about.”

– delegate, Airbus Defence and Space, Germany

“The complex aspects of systems engineering were presented in an understandable manner.”

– delegate, United Kingdom

“I would like to say thank you for a really informative week. I cannot get over the amount of detail you provided, both during the week and all of the files by email as well. I am sure there will be ‘gems’ of information throughout the extra files.”

– delegate, Mass Consultants Ltd, United Kingdom

“Very in-depth about systems engineering and requirements writing. Showed a logical and methodical way of arranging and writing requirements. The presenter was always available to answer questions or clarify a point.”

– delegate, Medrad Inc, USA

“The best was the presenter’s deep knowledge in the subject. The course gave an overview of the whole SE area with a lot of good practical examples of how to do it and recommendations of which things are most important. After this course I have a feeling of the way SE activities interconnect and jointly work together. The numerous references to books, articles and standards will help me getting into SE.”

– delegate, Sweden

“Thank you for the valuable methodology, examples and training material you provided last week. I am sure it will have a very positive impact on our work here at Martin-Baker Aircraft.”

– delegate, Martin-Baker Aircraft Company Ltd, United Kingdom

“I am amazed at how knowledgeable the presenter is. I’m impressed he can speak for 8 hours a day without notes. It made the presentation more enjoyable.”

– delegate, JT3, USA

“The best thing about the course was the interactive component and the presenter’s extensive knowledge (and vocabulary) on the subject.”

– delegate, CSIR-DPSS, South Africa

“The best thing about the course was the bringing together of such a wide range of systems engineering principles and methods. Also, the breadth of applicability, and the wide knowledge base of the presenter.”

– delegate, Nova Aerospace, USA

“I enjoyed the course and enjoyed the challenge. I have already been applying the principles and having those “aaaahhh, so that’s what Robert meant” moments with reference to issues that have arisen in the last two days.”

– delegate, Parsons Brinckerhoff, New Zealand

“I’m not exaggerating when I say it was the best short course I’ve ever done, reflecting your intelligently conceived, well informed and articulately presented view of Systems Engineering. I sincerely hope I have the opportunity to attend more of your courses.”

– delegate, Australia

“The best thing about the course was the detail of explanation and the knowledge of the presenter. Applying actual requirements and syspec problems from actual programs enables better understanding.”

– delegate, United Kingdom

“Thank you for a very engaging and interesting course.”

– delegate, United Kingdom

“The best thing about the course was the high quality of the course and presenter.”

– delegate, Exército Brasileiro – Inst Milit de Eng (IME), Brazil

“Good workshops, instructor very knowledgeable and precise in all aspects presented, well-defined and structured, all course material was free of defects.”

– delegate, JT3, USA

“The real life examples made the topics easier to translate than theoretical solutions. It was very useful to hear about how other projects are run.”

– delegate, JT3, USA

“Great material and the knowledge of the presenter. The course provided very valuable information that will be put to use immediately.”

– delegate, Boeing Satellite Systems, USA

“Very comprehensive and well instructed course, good blend of taught and workshopped work, to cover the required material and keep participants engaged.”

– delegate, Armaments Technology Bureau – Royal Australian Navy, Australia

“The workshops were a good way of supporting and understanding the course material. Also, I liked the real world examples, to support the importance of the actions.”

– delegate, Australia

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