Everyone wants to engineer products and systems more effectively.

PPI was founded to help organizations and individuals just like you discover and harness the power of systems engineering for problem definition and problem solving.


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Dedicated training for your organization.

Personal Enrichment

Training that develops you to your full potential.

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Everything you need to get started.

We make it easy for you to develop products and systems more effectively!

We understand what it’s like learning any new skill and how helpful sharing a relevant example from our diverse experience can be.

We understand the challenge of change and can help you bring new ideas into established organizations and power structures.

Whatever your development challenge, simply contact us and we’ll put our experience and resources to work for you!

“The methodology you defined has positively influenced my career.”

Taras Kazakov, Systems Engineer at Syderal Swiss SA

“I solved problems I was facing on my current project.”

Rachna Harsh, Student

“A wealth of info, tips, tools and methods. Thanks again!”

Francois Bouquet, Senior Systems Engineer and Innovator at TNO Science and Industry

“Gave me confidence to tackle projects and solve problems.”

Nigel Collacott , Systems Engineer at Airbus

“Was, and still is, the most useful training I have ever done.”

Michael DeMello, Systems Engineer at Medtronic

“I learnt more than at some semester-long SE courses!”

Gregory Pon, Systems Integration Engineer at Sandia

“The presenter was so supportive throughout the course.”

Rachna Harsh, Student

“Excellent course, great mix of presentation and interaction.”

James Morton, Combat Systems Lead Engineer at BAE Systems

“Helped achieve consistent practices, documentation & outcomes.”

Jordi Manzano, R&D Deputy Manager at Grifols

37 years, 41 countries, 18,000 professionals & counting!

We deliver outstanding training and consulting to hundreds of enterprises, from Fortune 100 companies (presently 18% of them) to small start-ups. PPI is a truly international company, with personnel based in eight countries and clients across six continents benefiting from our work.

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Project Performance International (PPI) is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, with two wholly owned subsidiary companies: Certification Training International Pty and Project Performance International USA Inc.

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