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The Academy provides a program that is structured around the delivery of a set of existing PPI courses and the delivery of on-site consultation in the application of the SE approach.


PPI has been delivering systems engineering (SE) related training for over 25 years. We have become increasingly aware of the need for hands-on application of the tools and techniques that we teach. Beyond initial training, systems engineering needs to be internalized and to become the individual’s preferred method of dealing with the development of complex systems. That objective is notwithstanding the very workshop-oriented style of delivery of the PPI courses.

It was this awareness that led to the creation of our Engineering Academy offering. The Academy provides a program that is structured around the delivery of a set of existing PPI courses and the delivery of on-site consultation in the application of the SE approach. The consultation is to use a project that is particularly related to the business of the company, as a vehicle to apply and demonstrate the tools and techniques taught in the classroom. The program is scheduled over a period of one year, consisting of a total of up to 10 weeks of activity within which both on-site training and consultation are conducted. Participants spend another 10 weeks in total on Academy learning activities, necessitating about half of their time for a year to complete this learning program.

All of PPI’s systems engineering-related training is oriented towards the achievement of excellence in engineering and engineering management, the criterion for excellence being the maximization of their contribution to the commercial and other objectives of your organization.

The means of achieving this objective is a program of learning focussed on bringing about, in each participant, the knowledge, skills and attitudes (KSAs) that are best matched to the objective. We believe that this simple but powerful model will maximize the benefit to your organization when compared with other systems engineering competency frameworks that are also available.


Provided by PPI:

  • Facilitator on-site for 10 weeks – part training/part mentoring
  • Formal training:
  • Systems Engineering Management
  • Systems Engineering
  • Architectural Design
  • Requirements Analysis and Specification Writing
  • Model Based Systems Engineering with CORE™
  • INCOSE Systems Engineering Certification Exam Preparation Training
  • Access to the facilitator by phone/Skype/Zoom etc. outside of the 10 weeks on-site

Provided by your organization:

  • Sponsored time of the participants for two weeks per month over ten months
  • A funded, mutually agreed project that the participants can undertake over the course of a year – preferably non-revenue earning:
  • A project aligned with what the company does.
  • The project must be achievable with a 50% time commitment per participant.
  • The project must be multidisciplinary.
  • Participants will specify, design, build, test and demonstrate.
  • The deliverable of the project should therefore be something that can be demonstrated at the end of the program
  • Organization-specific aspects are to influence the project, e.g. the company’s tools of choice, or priorities in skills development
  • Details of the project and desired project outcomes and quality criteria are to be developed jointly
  • Engineering application domain mentor(s)
  • Funding (where necessary) for participants to take the INCOSE ASEP/CSEP Knowledge Exam.

The details of the program of work are developed between your organization and PPI. Our intention is that the program include all needed training, as well as the application of the SE approach in the planning and execution of the selected project, with a strong emphasis on mentoring in relation to the project.


The Academy program will produce a cadre of engineers, managers and leaders who can contribute in a substantial way to the future successes of your organization. Their contribution will be both direct through performance in their primary roles, and indirect by way of the positive influence that they will exert on the knowledge, skills and attitudes of other members of your team.

To request a comprehensive proposal for this offer, please email us.

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