PPI Affiliations

Project Performance International is affiliated with the following organizations

Asociación Española de Ingeniería de Sistemas (AEIS)

PPI is collaborating with AEIS with the aim of increasing engineering capacity, awareness and capability within Spain. Visit AEIS’s website here for further information regarding this chapter and how to become a member.


Associazione Italiana di Systems Engineering

PPI is delighted to become the first silver sponsor of the Associazione Italiana di Systems Engineering. PPI is collaborating with AISE with the aim of increasing engineering capacity, awareness and capability within Italy. Visit AISE’s website here for further information regarding this chapter and how to become a member.


Cognitive Systems Design

Cognitive Systems Design focuses on the analysis and design of systems that involve people doing cognitive work. The concern is with the design of technologies and training, teams and organizations with the aim of ensuring that cognitive work is efficient, effective and robust. Dr. Gavan Lintern also writes an interesting blog “Special Topics in Cognitive Systems”.

INCOSE Corporate Advisory Board (CAB)

PPI is a member of the INCOSE Corporate Advisory Board (CAB), sitting along side 106 (as at 31 July 2017) enterprises such as Aviation Industry Corporation of China, and General Dynamics, The Boeing Company and Volvo. CAB members provide guidance on overall INCOSE direction, focus, and priorities:

  • A conduit between INCOSE and the sponsoring corporations for information exchange, key corporate systems engineering-related issues, and access to corporate executive management; and
  • A bi-annual priority needs list and assessment of how well INCOSE is meeting those needs based on status inputs from the BoD and the Technical Board.

INCOSE Netherlands

As the first chapter in mainland Europe, INCOSE Netherlands started in 1996 with 25 enthusiastic members. Among the growing number of members (100 in 1999, 270 in 2005 and over 400 in 2011) are people from business, education and the consulting world, and the application of Systems Engineering is very diverse. PPI training courses held in the Netherlands can be found on INCOSE Netherlands website.


INCOSE South Africa

INCOSE SA and PPI/CTI collaborate to provide Continuous Professional Development (CPD) via PPI’s SE Training courses and CTI’s SE certification examination training courses in South Africa. Visit INCOSE SA website here for ECSA accredited courses and associated CPD credits.



Institute for Process Excellence (IpX)

In September 2018, PPI and IpX entered into a strategic collaboration to expand IpX product offerings to include PPI’s globally and industry-renowned 5-day Systems Engineering public and on-site training courses. PPI and IpX are committed to seeing the discipline of systems engineering through the expansion of training opportunities worldwide.




MetaPM is a specialist project management firm, providing consulting and training services directed towards helping clients improve their overall project results. PRINCE2® is the formal methodology recognized worldwide as assisting mere mortals and a diverse range of organizations manage projects to achieve consistent success.

Systems Engineering Society of Australia (SESA)

The Systems Engineering Society of Australia (SESA) is a Technical Society of Engineers Australia and the Australian affiliated chapter of the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE). Technical Societies provides a forum for mutual technical development, networking, expanding and sharing knowledge with like-minded professionals. Members of Technical Societies provide expert opinion on a broad range of issues and have a capacity to exert considerable influence about professional practice in a changing world market. PPI is a Corporate Member of SESA.

Certification Training International

CTI is a wholly-owned subsidiary company of Project Performance International, established to provide outstanding preparation training worldwide to engineering and other project professionals seeking to become certified under a recognized, relevant certification scheme. CTI’s initial focus has been the Certified Systems Engineering Professional (CSEP and ASEP) certifications offered by the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE).

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