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Highlights from MBSE-AI Summit 2024!


René King at MBSE-AI Summit

PPI had the privilege of sponsoring and exhibiting at the MBSE-AI Summit in India this year, and we are excited to share some reflections from this impactful event with you.

The MBSE-AI Summit brought together leading minds in systems engineering, highlighting the rapid advancements in AI and its applications in Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE). Here are some key insights from René King, PPI’s Business Development Manager and Senior Engineer.

Reflections from the MBSE-AI Summit 2024

  • Mission Engineering & Integration: Keynote speaker AVM Rajiva Ranjan stressed the importance of being objective-driven and ensuring seamless system integration. He emphasized the need for clear success metrics and understanding of technologies.

  • Complexity, Risk & Uncertainty: Dave Snowden’s talk on complexity clarified the differences between complexity, uncertainty, and risk. His key message: attitude is crucial in our complex landscape, and AI, despite its potential, won’t solve all problems.

  • Adapting Workforce: The summit highlighted the need for the workforce to adapt and highlight unique skills in a changing job market. It’s not just about the number of jobs but the evolving nature of work. New thinking and working methods are essential as tools alone aren’t enough.

  • AI & Software Growth: The software industry is growing at an incredible pace, with the amount of code and software jobs increasing tenfold every seven years. Presentations explored AI-powered MBSE, focusing on algorithms, automation, predictive analytics, and adaptive learning.


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