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A world in which the need for our services has disappeared, because every engineer graduates, not only as a competent technologist, but with an understanding of how to go about successfully applying that technology expertise. A world in which every CEO expects and requires systems engineering to be practiced at every level of the enterprise. A world in which engineering academics without exception see systems engineering as an integral part of the discipline of engineering. And then we can sit on the beach in Rio de Janeiro and count the stars.


To improve the performance of our clients and the lives of their people by improving the practice of engineering, based on systems thinking, and using the principles and methods of systems engineering.


Systems Engineering for Technology-based Projects and Product Developments

5-Day Course

This course is Project Performance International’s popular 5-day public course in Systems Engineering. Since development in its original version in 1992, our Systems Engineering training has been delivered to some 10,000 participants worldwide. The course addresses systems engineering as it is understood and practised by leading acquirer, developer and supplier organizations worldwide. Our Systems Engineering training provides an integrated approach to the set of management and technical disciplines which combine to optimize system effectiveness, enhance project success and reduce risk. Ways of achieving corporate objectives, e.g., time to market, cost of goods sold, product quality, military objectives, is a constant theme throughout the course.

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Systems Engineering Overview

3-Day Course

This short course provides an overview of the principles and methods known as systems engineering: an interdisciplinary, collaborative approach to the engineering of solutions, adopted by leading enterprises worldwide, which aims to capture stakeholder needs, objectives and values, and to transform this problem definition into a holistic, life cycle balanced system solution which both satisfies the imperatives, and optimizes overall project and solution effectiveness according to the values of the stakeholders. This course is intended for those who seek a knowledge of systems engineering, without themselves practicing systems engineering. As such, the course is ideal for people who participate in technical projects in non-engineering roles, or in engineering support roles.

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Systems Engineering Management

5-Day Course

Over many years, experience has shown that projects have difficulty in delivering solutions to stakeholders on time, on budget and satisfying needs. The greater the problem complexity, solution complexity, and diversity of stakeholders, the greater the challenge has proven to be. This 5-day Systems Engineering Management training course provides in-depth coverage of how to manage engineering projects to maximize project success, within the project’s given constraints. The course establishes sound principles and provides effective methods to successfully manage projects, and for getting the best out of people, individually and in teams. This Systems Engineering Management course will most benefit people who seek substantial knowledge and understanding of how to best go about managing technical projects, even more so those projects involving complex engineering.

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Requirements Analysis & Specification Writing

5-Day Course

Requirements Analysis and Specification Writing are sciences practiced by many, mastered by surprisingly few and yet, the payoff from achieving excellence in these areas is large. The two aspects, Requirements Analysis and Specification Writing, are treated as separate but related topics, each in a course of three and two days’ duration. The three-day Requirements Analysis course addresses the techniques used to capture, validate and gain a complete understanding of requirements communicated at all stages of the system life cycle. The two-day Specification Writing course addresses in detail the conversion of individual requirements into effective requirements specifications. The course focuses on the structure and language of requirements specification. The two courses are complementary, with little overlap. They may therefore be taken together, or taken individually. The two courses comprise Project Performance International’s popular 5-day public course in Requirements Analysis and Specification Writing.

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