SE Goldmine

The Systems Engineering Goldmine is a free searchable resource containing a wealth of downloadable documents, definitions and other information relevant to the successful engineering of systems.

This resource is intended for use by alumni, clients and friends of Project Performance International (PPI) together with alumni, clients and friends of subsidiary company Certification Training International (CTI).

  • A searchable database of standards
  • A searchable database of over 7,900 defined terms
  • Forms
  • Example Systems Engineering documents
  • Guides, handbooks, reports & papers
  • Software tools
  • Checklist
  • Diagrams and educational graphics

SE Goldmine Registration Request

I request logon access to PPI’s Systems Engineering Goldmine. In doing so, I agree to comply with the Terms of Use of the SEG site, and I consent to receiving by email from PPI occasional notifications regarding PPI’s systems engineering training and consulting services. I also request to be subscribed to PPI SyEN, PPI’s monthly newsjournal for the engineering professional, containing technical articles, news and useful information in the field of systems/product engineering and in directly related fields. I acknowledge that I may cancel my Systems Engineering Goldmine account and unsubscribe to PPI SyEN at will.

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