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Don’t Panic! The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Managing Interfaces



Don’t Panic – The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Managing Interfaces by Paul Davies, is the second book in the Don’t Panic series. The Don’t Panic series is being developed as a result of a growing number of people asking for more of our thorough, short, and easily-digestible guides.

Interface definition and management is an essential part of Systems Engineering. Without these, integration across interfaces can be a major source of delay, missing functionality or poor performance in the introduction of new systems. Issues around interface management in particular are poorly explored in the engineering literature.

This book aims to address these issues, but is not intended to be an academic text book. Instead, it is aimed at any engineer (not just those with the title Systems Engineer) faced with the problem of managing the interfaces from their designs.

About the author

Paul supposedly retired in early 2014, but soon realised he needed to give something back to the systems engineering community and help mentor the next generation of practitioners. An experienced systems engineer with thirty years in the defence and aerospace industry, six years in the nuclear industry, and a couple of years in rail, he has a wealth of diverse experience to call on. With a sound track record in delivering successful projects in the face of challenging customers, project managers, and operational environments, Paul is a recognised authority on systems engineering.

With such a good alignment of aims, SE outlook, and commitment to excellence, Paul was delighted to join the Project Performance International/Certification Training International team in July 2017, as a Course Presenter.

Paul presents PPI’s 5-Day Requirements Analysis & Specification Writing Course (RASW) and CTI’s ASEC/CSEP Exam 5-Day Preparation Course. If you would like to learn more and find out what courses are coming up in your region, click here.



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