PPI and INCOSE Systems Engineering Tools Database (SETDB) Activity at the INCOSE IW 2021

At the virtual INCOSE International Workshop taking place from 29-31 January 202, PPI and INCOSE will be conducting work sessions to overview the current status of the SETDB website and develop supporting operational procedures. The INCOSE-PPI SETDB project has been ongoing since January 2018 and it is wonderful to see the project winding down after three years of consisting effort from both organizations to reinstate this popular resource. PPI welcomes you to join us at the IW conference, and partake the in the open SETDB working sessions. Here is the SETDB schedule for the IW 2021:


Date and Date

Start (GMT +1:00)

Finish (GMT +1:00)


SETDB v0.9 Review

25 Jan



The SETDB WG CCB will be reviewing the SETDB v0.9 readiness for production release. JIRA issues will be reviewed for high priority and blocking issues.

Establishing SETDB Tool Vendor Accounts

25 Jan



SE Tool Vendor Briefing: After a brief introduction to the SE Tools Database the SETDB Team will execute a Use Case depicting a tool vendor requesting a Vendor Account to obtain login credentials. Once logged in, we will review the features to use to enter you company and product information and capture your product data for publication. Open to any interested SE Tool Vendor.

SETDB Operational Procedure Development

27 Jan



Working session to focus resources on the development of the SETDB Operational Procedures. The procedures in development include: Access Management, Mapping Tool Categories to SE Processes, Tool Vendor Registration, Tool Information Management, Configuration Management, Stakeholder Communications and Lifecycle Management.

A Systems Engineering Tools Database Walkthrough

28 Jan



Walking through the SETDB: a live walk through of the Systems Engineering Tools Database from the initial access to the exploration of all SETDB functionality. Potential users, tool vendors and stakeholders are encouraged to attend. Questions and comments are encouraged.

Walking Through the SETDB System

30 Jan



The STEDB Project Leaders will introduce the SETDB functionality including the Website landing page, Home page, Tool, Tool Vendor and Taxonomy browsing and searching. This will be a live session with interactive questions and answers. Stakeholders, users and tool vendors are encouraged to attend.

Systems Engineering Process Mapping to SETDB Tool Categories Live Demonstration

31 Jan



The SETDB Project Team will demonstrate the Systems Engineering Tools Database Tool Category Explorer features. They will provide a quick overview and do a live walk through the SETDB Taxonomy Browser and the category mapping to the processes defined in the INCOSE SEH and the PPI Process Elements. Questions and suggestions are encouraged.

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