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PPI SyEN 100 Special Edition – New Look, Vision & Content


PPI SyEN reached a major milestone with its latest edition. Issue 100 introduces new editor Kevin Nortrup and presents a brand new look, vision and more value-added content while continuing the tradition of bringing indepth systems engineering articles, industry news and more to its readers. 

Ralph Young hands the baton to Kevin Nortrup

After the 100th edition and a marathon innings of PPI Systems Engineering Newsjournal, Dr. Ralph Young is stepping down as PPI SyEN editor as he retires this month and hands over the title to Kevin Nortrup. 
Ralph has edited 63 editions of SyEN. From SyEN 35 to 47 then 51 to 100. 
PPI’s Managing Director, Robert Halligan said in relation to Ralph’s retirement “PPI, the readership of PPI SyEN and the engineering community in general owe Ralph a great debt for the endless hours he has devoted each month to PPI SyEN, for the consistently high standard he achieved, and for the value his toil has generated for the engineering community.”
PPI and CTI thank Ralph for his outstanding work and leadership and welcome Kevin Nortrup to the team. 


Kevin Nortrup graduated summa cum laude from the University of Illinois in Computer Engineering. He is co-chair of the Enterprise Systems Working Group of INCOSE, and he serves on the Board of Directors for the Indiana Chapter of the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE) and for the International Society for Systems and Complexity Science for Health (ISSCSH).

In-depth articles written by leading voices in the SE community 
In the 100th edition: 
Reliability is Too Important to Consider Separately 
The critical role of reliability motivates the need for improved system-reliability models in the early design stages. By Tevari Barker, Dr. Gregory S. Parnell, Dr. Edward A. Pohl, and Dr. Randy K. Buchanan.
Full Analytical Criteria Method (FACM)
FACM combines the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) with other tools to generate alternatives and to identify selection criteria. By Zane Scott.
Modeling the Mission Dimension of an Intravascular Medical Device
Applying MBSE methodology ISE&PPOOA to model the mission dimension of a micrometric-size robotic joint for minimally invasive surgical techniques. By José L. Fernández, Juan A. Martínez, and Efrén Díez-Jiménez.
New digital flipbook format 
Another exciting development is that PPI SyEN has a new digital flipbook format powered by the industry leading platform Issuu. This improved format is efficient to use effective and responsive across all devices.


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