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PPI Participation at the INCOSE IS-2021


PPI recently participated and was one of the sponsors of the annual INCOSE International Symposium 2021, over 17th – 22nd July. As always, it was a great pleasure to be part of this rich event.  PPI was well represented at the INCOSE IS 2021, with five of our team members participating over July 19-23, 2021, along with 736 other registered professionals.

If you visited the IS PPI showcase webpage, you saw a list of PPI’s upcoming systems engineering and related training and ‘6 Myths of Systems Engineering’ presentation video by PPI Managing Director Robert Halligan. PPI’s INCOSE IS showcase page received many visits, and the joint PPI and INCOSE Systems Engineering Tools Database (SETDB), released for the IS, was also quite a hit.

PPI Managing Director Robert Halligan also presented “3 SE Tools That Can Change a Company” on the 19th of July. INCOSE asked Robert and a group of Fellows to undertake an effort to identify heuristics useful in systems engineering today. The panel “Heuristics for Systems Engineering: Useful or Dangerous? Outdated or Enduring?” covered various viewpoints on this question, addressing insights and nuances that make the difference between a useful heuristic and one that may be dangerous to apply. Read more here.

Other PPI team members who attended the IS also found the event to be well worthwhile attending. Some of their thoughts and experience about the IS are included in this edition of PPI SyEN and the next.
Here are the PPI team members who participated:

Robert Halligan, FIE Aust, CPEng IntPE (Aus)

PPI Managing Director, Principal Consultant & Training Presenter

René King, BSc (Engineering) MScEng

PPI Business Development Manager & Senior Engineer
CTI Managing Director and Training Presenter

Randall Iliff, BSc (Engineering), MSc (Systems Management)

Training Presenter & Principal Consultant

George Sousa, BEng, MSc, PhD

Training Presenter

John Fitch, BS EE and Physics, ESEP

Training Presenter & Principal Consultant


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