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PPI Exhibits at the INCOSE IS, 20-22 July 2020


2020 has brought with it a number of plot twists notably the COVID-19 pandemic. Typically, at this time of the year, PPI sends a few of its staff to a location somewhere around the world to set up shop, shake hands with new and old friends and join a room of engineers eager to learn and exchange ideas for INCOSE’s annual International Symposium.

This year is just a little different. From 20-22 July, we will be logging into the PPI’s Virtual INCOSE IS Platform and shaking virtual hands with friends, old and new, in the name practice systems engineering. We are looking forward to this experience and are delighted with INCOSE’s commitment to bring people together in the name of systems engineering despite the challenges experienced along.

If you will be joining us, please do come and say hi in our virtual room. We would love to say hello and find out how you and your company are responding to the challenges of 2020. There is definitely something we can all learn from each other to come out stronger on the other side of these challenges.

We also hope that the INCOSE IS will indeed take place in Cape Town, South Africa sometime in the future as originally planned!


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