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Medical Device Risk Management: Now Offered Through Five Convenient Half-Day Sessions


PPI is pleased to share that our popular Medical Device Risk Management Course, delivered by BIjan Elahi, is now offered over five half-days instead of two and a half full days.

The course commences with the fundamentals of medical devices risk management, then builds upon the fundamentals, and teaches a practical, sensible and efficient way of performing medical devices risk management. The course includes multiple quizzes and hands-on workshops to deepen the learning, and create an engaging learning experience. Topics such as medical device software risk management, benefit-risk analysis and complaint handling are also addressed in this course.

This course will benefit:

  • Practitioners of medical devices risk management– including systems risk managers, systems engineers, design engineers, manufacturing engineers, quality engineers, usability engineers.
  • Evaluators of medical devices risk management– including quality assurance, management, regulatory staff.
  • People with a need for general understanding of medical devices risk management– including clinical, marketing, packaging, toxicology, management.

Participants will not need prior knowledge or experience with medical device risk management, but experience in medical device development would be an advantage.

Register here for one of our upcoming courses taking place in November 2020 here.


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