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PPI and INCOSE Partner to Develop Systems Engineering Tools Database



Project Performance International (PPI) and the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) Partner Initially to Develop a Systems Engineering Tools Database
PPI to Share Access to its Systems Engineering Goldmine with INCOSE Members via the INCOSE Website

The International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE), the largest organization in the world dedicated to systems engineering, signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Project Performance International (PPI), an Australia-headquartered transnational corporation using systems engineering to improve client performance.

The MOU between PPI and INCOSE formalizes the partnership between the two parties as they develop and operate the Systems Engineering Tools Database (SETDB), an online library of systems engineering software tools data to support engineering and business processes. INCOSE and PPI’s partnership also includes the sharing of PPI’s Systems Engineering Goldmine, a resource of over 4GB of systems engineering documents and a searchable database of definitions of more than 7,800 terms used in systems engineering. The collaboration also embraces the delivery of an educational seminar series for infrastructure professionals.

“This collaboration between PPI and INCOSE is another step towards PPI’s vision of all engineers worldwide practicing systems engineering, as the way that engineering is done. We at PPI look forward with excitement to working more closely with INCOSE in the future, to the benefit of humankind,” said PPI’s Managing Director Mr. Robert Halligan.

“INCOSE and PPI have a mutual commitment to improving the state of systems engineering practice. These projects help us to achieve our shared goal and to bring the systems engineering community closer together as we continue to innovate,” said Garry Roedler, President of INCOSE.

The joint development of the Systems Engineering Tools Database will be hosted on an INCOSE server linked to the INCOSE and PPI websites, and will provide current and future members of INCOSE and clients of PPI with data on systems engineering software tools.

To learn more about PPI and its Systems Engineering Goldmine visit https://www.ppi-int.com and https://segoldmine.ppi-int.com.

For more information about INCOSE or to join its growing community of systems engineers, visit www.incose.org.

About Project Performance International

Project Performance International (PPI) is a for-profit company incorporated in Australia and operating worldwide. The mission of PPI is to improve the performance of its clients and the lives of their people by improving the practice of engineering, based on systems thinking, and using the principles and methods of systems engineering. Learn more about PPI at www.ppi-int.com.

About the International Council on Systems Engineering

The International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) is a not-for-profit membership organization that promotes international collaboration in systems engineering practice, education and research. INCOSE’s mission is to “address complex societal and technical challenges by enabling, promoting and advancing systems engineering and systems approaches.” Founded in 1990, INCOSE has more than 70 chapters and over 16,500 members worldwide. For additional information about INCOSE, call 1-858-541-1752 or visit www.incose.org. Become a member today.


Pictured: Kerry Lunney, President Elect of INCOSE, Joshua Freeman, General Manager Corporate,
Robert Halligan, founder, Director and CEO, Garry Roedler, President of INCOSE


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