Project Performance International (PPI) has earned a worldwide reputation for providing training of the highest quality, in the major disciplines necessary to achieve successful project outcomes, in all sectors. We work with clients of all sizes (e.g. Fortune 100 companies to small start-up companies). Consider joining the ever-growing cadre of quality PPI clients.

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» Introduction to Project Management 2-Day CoursePPI has recently changed the name of our "Successfully Managing IT Projects" 2-Day course to become "Introduction to Project Management". The title more closely aligns with the focus of the course. To see a list of upcoming public presentations please click here.

» Requirements, OCD & CONOPS in Military Capability Development 5-Day CoursePPI has recently changed the name of our "OCD & CONOPS in Capability Development" 5-Day course to become "Requirements, OCD & CONOPS in Military Capability Development". The course materials are unchanged except for the normal evolutionary improvement. Same course, different name!. The new title better encapsulates the essence and orientation of the course.

Two new DIDs on Requirements Traceability available for free downloadThere is not a lot of good information available in writing on requirements traceability. Two data item descriptions (DIDs - requirements specifications for data items) are offered by PPI as a service to the systems engineering community. They are:

Requirements Traceability Report - Requirements Analysis (RTR-RA)

Requirements Traceability Report -System Design (RTR-SD)



PPI will be participating at the following upcoming events.

» INCOSE IL 2015PARTICIPATING | Tel-Aviv, Israel (24 - 26 March 2015)

» SysCon 2015PARTICIPATING | Vancouver, BC (13 - 16 April 2015)

» SETE 2015EXHIBITING | Canberra (27 - 29 April 2015)

» IIE Annual Conference 2015PARTICIPATING | Nashville, TN (30 - 2 June 2015)

» NoSE 2015PARTICIPATING | Hamburg, Germany (1 June 2015)

» NoSE 2015PARTICIPATING | Copenhagen, Denmark (2 June 2015)

» NoSE 2015PARTICIPATING | Stockholm, Sweden (3 June 2015)

» NoSE 2015PARTICIPATING | Helsinki, Finland (4 June 2015)

» INCOSE IS 2015EXHIBITING | Seattle, WA (13 - 16 July2015)

» INCOSE SA Conference 2015EXHIBITING | Pretoria, South Africa (16 - 18 September 2015)

Sys.Eng. Key Downloads FREE RESOURCE

Approximately twenty downloadable systems engineering resources are brought together in a single place. Enjoy!

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