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16 September 2017

» PPI's Systems Engineering Goldmine Hits 3.3GBThe Systems Engineering Goldmine, available to most SyEN subscribers, is an archive of downloadable documents on aspects of systems engineering. The archive includes guides, handbooks, papers, standards and many other items. Each document is indexed, with key words. A year ago the SEG stood at 1.7GB; this month we have hit 3.3GB. And there is more to. come! We wish to acknowledge the sterling efforts of Wits University, South Africa, Masters engineering student and PPI Intern René King for this doubling of the SEG contribution to the systems engineering community. Take a bow, René

16 September 2017

» Robert Halligan Presents for the INCOSE Singapore ChapterPPI Managing Director, Mr. Robert Halligan delivered a presentation and discussion on "The Business Case for Systems Engineering for SMEs" to the INCOSE Singapore Chapter at a meeting hosted by NTUC (Singapore's trade union). The Singapore Chapter has recently signed a MOU with NTUC  to promote system engineering as a discipline/profession in Singapore. NTUC is keen on connecting to understand the discipline better and to provide training to industries beyond the traditional defence and aerospace sectors.

24 August 2017

» Appreciation Award - CTI and Joshua FreemanWhat a privilege for our General Manager Josh Freeman to have received a Certificate of Appreciation for CTI's support of the INCOSE Chesapeake Chapter. CTI has previously provided it's CSEP Exam Preparation to the chapter and has more future deliveries scheduled. This award was received at the INCOSE International Symposium in Adelaide recently.

24 August 2017

» Our Professional Team Continues to GrowWe warmly welcome Mr Hanno Retief and Mr Paul Davies to our team. Mr Paul Davies is joining our team to provide support in the delivery of CTI's CSEP Examination Preparation Training. Paul has long been highly regarded for his expertise in systems engineering and presently provides training of this nature. Hanno has lead the redevelopment and delivery of our new Software Engineering 5-Day Course. He will present this exciting new course worldwide.

24 August 2017

» PPI's First Cohort of the INCOSE Technical Leadership InstituteIn 2015, INCOSE Institute for Technical Leadership accepted members into the first cohort to participate in the technical leadership program. The free, two-year program seeks to accelerate the development of systems engineering leaders who will exemplify the best of the organization and the systems engineering profession.

Two years later, at the 27th Annual INCOSE International Symposium held in Adelaide, Australia, members of the first cohort including CTI's David Mason and PPI's Suja Joseph-Malherbe were inducted as full members of the Institute.

23 March 2017

» PPI relaunches SyENWe are excited to announce the resumption in March 2017 of publication of PPI's monthly Systems Engineering Newsletter, SyEN. SyEN is brim-full of interesting articles and news in the field of systems engineering, to help us all deliver more value through great engineering. View SyEN 051 here. For your free subscription to SyEN, complete the subscription online.

20 March 2017

» PPI to Launch its Updated Software Engineering 5-Day Course in August 2017We are excited to announce the launch in August this year of our updated Software Engineering 5-Day course. This course is a 5-Day immersion in software development best practices. The course is designed for people who develop, specify, acquire, evaluate, support, and/or manage software or software-intensive systems. Beneficiaries will include software development team leaders, software engineers, business analysts, systems engineers, system safety managers and project managers, to name a few. And of course their employers! We look forward to continuing to serve you and your colleagues through this new offering.

10 January 2017

» PPI celebrates 25 yearsJoin us in celebration of 25 years of service by PPI to the systems engineering community. For PPI, founded in 1992 by Robert Halligan, 2017 is our Silver Anniversary. Over the 25 years, we have grown from three people to an international company with employees in Australia, Brazil, China, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States. We have delivered project-related training or consulting in 38 different countries, to delegates working in almost every imaginable sector. We have a wholly-owned subsidiary company in the United States (PPI-USA), and another wholly-owned subsidiary Certification Training International (CTI). CTI delivers mainly CSEP training. Our training on systems engineering and its various facets has been delivered so far to over 13,500 professionals worldwide, presently at the rate of over 1150 people a year (5-day courses). To this can be added very many shorter courses. Year 2017 will be a year of celebration, with planned complimentary events in South Africa, Europe, the United States, Australia and Brazil. We hope that you can celebrate with us - you will be warmly welcomed. Watch this home page for details.


PPI will be participating at the following upcoming events.

» 36th International Conference on Conceptual Modeling (ER2017)Participating | Valencia, Spain (6 - 9 November 2017)

» Annual Systems Engineering Conference (INCOSE UK)Participating | Warwick, UK (21 - 22 November 2017)

»CSD&M Paris 2017Participating | Paris, France (12 - 13 December 2017)

»INCOSE IS 2018Participating | Washington, DC (7 -12 July 2018)

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