Project Performance International (PPI) has earned a worldwide reputation for providing training of the highest quality, in the major disciplines necessary to achieve successful project outcomes, in all sectors. We work with clients of all sizes (e.g. Fortune 100 companies to small start-up companies). Consider joining the ever-growing cadre of quality PPI clients.

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23 March 2017

» PPI relaunches SyENWe are excited to announce the resumption in March 2017 of publication of PPI's monthly Systems Engineering Newsletter, SyEN. SyEN is brim-full of interesting articles and news in the field of systems engineering, to help us all deliver more value through great engineering. View SyEN 051 here. For your free subscription to SyEN, complete the subscription online.

20 March 2017

» PPI to Launch its Updated Software Engineering 5-Day Course in August 2017We are excited to announce the launch in August this year of our updated Software Engineering 5-Day course. This course is a 5-Day immersion in software development best practices. The course is designed for people who develop, specify, acquire, evaluate, support, and/or manage software or software-intensive systems. Beneficiaries will include software development team leaders, software engineers, business analysts, systems engineers, system safety managers and project managers, to name a few. And of course their employers! We look forward to continuing to serve you and your colleagues through this new offering.

10 January 2017

» PPI celebrates 25 yearsJoin us in celebration of 25 years of service by PPI to the systems engineering community. For PPI, founded in 1992 by Robert Halligan, 2017 is our Silver Anniversary. Over the 25 years, we have grown from three people to an international company with employees in Australia, Brazil, China, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States. We have delivered project-related training or consulting in 38 different countries, to delegates working in almost every imaginable sector. We have a wholly-owned subsidiary company in the United States (PPI-USA), and another wholly-owned subsidiary Certification Training International (CTI). CTI delivers mainly CSEP training. Our training on systems engineering and its various facets has been delivered so far to over 13,500 professionals worldwide, presently at the rate of over 1150 people a year (5-day courses). To this can be added very many shorter courses. Year 2017 will be a year of celebration, with planned complimentary events in South Africa, Europe, the United States, Australia and Brazil. We hope that you can celebrate with us - you will be warmly welcomed. Watch this home page for details.

1 January 2017

» PPI hits 10k! with its flagship courseYes, over 10,000 professionals (10,157 to be precise) had taken PPI's flagship 5-day systems training as at 31 December 2016. For a 40 hour course, that's 400,000 hours of systems engineering education delivered. If you were not one of the 10,157 people, we would love to change that and welcome you to alumni!

17 December 2016

» Robert Halligan awarded Honorary Membership of INCOSE BrazilOur Managing Director, Robert Halligan was recently awarded Honorary Membership of INCOSE Brazil at a ceremony in December 2016 in São Jose dos Campos, SP, Brazil. The award was "in recognition of Robert's most valuable efforts towards the development of Systems Engineering in Brazil, and for strengthening INCOSE's presence in the region, including a very relevant contribution over the years resulting in the creation of the INCOSE Chapter - the very first in South America".

11 November 2016

» PPI presents an evening tutorial to Singapore Institute of TechnologyPPI presented a tutorial to Singapore Institute of Technology on "Getting the Most from Multi-disciplinary Teams" on Thursday, 10 November, 2016. A group of over 120 interested academics, students and other engineering professionals participated in the tutorial, delivered by Robert Halligan. The tutorial was attended by Professor Lui Pao Chuen FNAS, FREng, an INCOSE Pioneer who is widely regarded as the main architect of the country of Singapore after its separation from Malaysia. Professor Lui, a man of considerable stature in Singapore and worldwide, acts as an advisor in the Office of the Prime Minister, amongst other National leadership appointments.

9 November 2016

» INCOSE Singapore invites PPI's Managing Director to deliver an evening presentationPPI Managing Director Robert Halligan was delighted to deliver a presentation to INCOSE Singapore on "A Journey Through Systems Engineering in an Hour and a Quarter" on Tuesday 8 November, 2016. A group of 80 or so enthusiastic engineers and systems engineering students participated in the event.


PPI will be participating at the following upcoming events.

» 15th Annual Conference on System Engineering Research (CSER)Participating | Redondo Beach, CA (23 - 25 March 2017)

» IEEE International Systems Engineering Conference (SysCon)Participating | Montreal, Canada (24 - 27 April 2017)

» IISE Annual Conference and ExpoParticipating | Pittsburgh, PA (20 - 23 May 2017)

» INCOSE IS 2017Exhibiting | Adelaide, SA (17 - 20 July 2017)

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