Project Performance International (PPI) has earned a worldwide reputation for providing training of the highest quality, in the major disciplines necessary to achieve successful project outcomes, in all sectors. We work with clients of all sizes (e.g. Fortune 100 companies to small start-up companies). Consider joining the ever-growing cadre of quality PPI clients.

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Two new DIDs on Requirements Traceability available for free download"There is not a lot of good information available in writing on requirements traceability. Two data item descriptions (DIDs - requirements specifications for data items) are offered by PPI as a service to the systems engineering community. They are:

Requirements Traceability Report - Requirements Analysis (RTR-RA)

Requirements Traceability Report -System Design (RTR-SD)

» Join us on "A Journey Through Systems Engineering in an Hour and a Quarter"Come join us on "A Journey Through Systems Engineering in an Hour and a Quarter" on Thursday 27 November 2014 in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Guest Presenter Mr Robert Halligan, PPI's Managing Director and Course Presenter. Please click here to secure your free attendance and to learn more about INCOSE Nederlands.

Alwyn Smit, Pr Eng CSEP joins the PPI teamPPI is delighted to welcome Mr. Alwyn Smit as the newest member of the growing PPI worldwide team. Alwyn, in the leadership position of Principal Consultant, will play a major role in PPI's systems engineering consulting and training activities, both in South Africa and outside. Alwyn will also maintain a lecturing role at the University of Witwatersrand (Wits University),Johannesburg. Click here to visit Alwyn's biography.

» Certification Training International (CTI - A PPI Company) presents its first course in Beijing!CTI is delighted to add Beijing to its rapidly growing list of locations for delivery of CSEP training. To find out more about how you can benefit from CTI's ASEP and CSEP Preparation training in your area, please click here.

» Successfully Managing IT Projects Training Courses now availablePPI is pleased to announce an addition to our 2014 training program of 7 Successfully Managing IT Projects Training 2-Day courses across Victoria, Queensland, ACT, South Australia, New South Wales & New Zealand.


PPI will be participating at the following upcoming events.

INCOSE UK Annual Systems Engineering Day (ASEC) 2014 PARTICIPATING | Wolverhampton, UK (18-19 November 2014)

IASA Conference 2014 PARTICIPATING | Pretoria, South Africa (24-25 November 2014)

INCOSE CIISE Conference 2014 PARTICIPATING | Italy (24-25 November 2014)

2014 Australasian Association for Engineering Education Conference PARTICIPATING | Wellington, NZ (8-10 December 2014)

CSD&M Asia 2014 PARTICIPATING | Singapore (10-12 December 2014)

» SETE 2015EXHIBITING | Canberra (27 - 29 April 2015)

» INCOSE IS 2015EXHIBITING | Seattle, WA (13 - 16 July 2015)

Sys.Eng. Key Downloads FREE RESOURCE

Approximately twenty downloadable systems engineering resources are brought together in a single place. Enjoy!

Visit Systems Engineering Downloads Page

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