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PPI Participation in the Second INCOSE Showcase Webinar


This summer INCOSE launched its new “Showcase Webinar” series of events. These webinars revisit the most popular topics from the past few years, and in addition to a live topic update presentation the series also includes a period of discussion on LinkedIn and a live closing session.

PPI is very pleased that INCOSE selected the topic of PM-SE Integration for the second of these new Showcase Webinar sessions. The ability to do great SE requires not only knowledge and training, but also “permission to succeed” in the form of appropriate time and resource allocations by PM.

During the June 15 session PPI Principal Consultant and course presenter Randall Iliff, along with colleagues Stephen Townsend from PMI and Eric Rebentisch from MIT, provided an update of the many actions that have taken place since the original webinar three years ago.

Stephen Townsend shared that the new PMI PMBOK structure was heavily influenced by system thinking and places greater responsibility on the PM to select methods based on need rather than offering a fixed model to apply. The INCOSE PM-SE Integration Working Group is reviewing the PMBOK draft and will provide comments on behalf of INCOSE.

Eric Rebentisch shared the increasing use of the book, “Integrating Program Management and Systems Engineering: Methods, Tools and Organizational Systems for Improving Performance” as a resource for SE training at the University level. Eric also shared the exciting news that, based on local interest and demand, the book is being translated for publication in Russia and China.

Within INCOSE the big change over the past three year period has been establishment of the official PM-SE Integration Working Group co-chaired by Tina Srivastava (tinaps@alum.mit.edu), Jean-Claude Roussel (jc.roussel6231@gmail.com) and John Lomax (john.lomax@airbus.com).

An archive copy of the Presentation is available at https://www.incose.org/about-incose/community/webinar-showcase

The overall event cycle concluded on June 29 with a live Zoom Q&A session. PPI would like to thank everyone who participated in this event, and we’d also like to extend an invitation to anyone interested in PM-SE integration to reach out to Randall Iliff with questions or comments!


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