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Join us at the INCOSE International Symposium IS 2022, in which we will be participating both virtually and physically. PPI is also excited to be sponsoring INCOSE IS 2022.

Notable events and resources are:

What Force is More Powerful Than Profit? 
Live presentation by PPI’s Randall Iliff, Course Presenter & Principal Consultant

For those attending IS physically or virtually, we invite you to join Randall Iliff for his delivery of the ‘What Force is More Powerful Than Profit?’ presentation, an exploration of why some leaders still fail to recognize the value of SE. 

“SE competency offers the possibility of invention-on-demand, and thus a virtual license to print money. Ignorance of SE is no longer an excuse, nor is a lack of available expertise. There is ample evidence of effectiveness, and abundant warning of the impact of ignoring SE. Given that every market force would favor adopting SE as quickly as possible, why then do so many leaders stubbornly ignore the opportunity? In this presentation we’ll explore the forces more powerful than profit and leave you with practical ideas for overcoming them.”

When: Mon 27, Jun 16:15-16:55 EDT

Session Chair: David Long
Session Host: Nicole Hutchinson

Author: Randall Iliff, PPI Course Presenter & Principal Consultant

MBSE in the Problem Domain – even More Valuable than Model-Based Design?
Pre-recorded presentation by PPI’s Robert Halligan, Managing Director, Principal Consultant & Course Presenter

Dramatically increasing product complexity has taken us past the debate of whether MBSE is needed to a discussion on how to best implement MBSE in organizations. Given the breadth of experience, the MBSE Initiative has started concentrating information into 18-minute TED-like Lightning Round talks on MBSE implementation in a variety of industries and applications with the goal to transfer insights in a rapid way so you can apply the lessons, approaches, etc. in your own organizations. 
In this MBSE Lighting Round talk, Robert will illustrate the value of MBSE in problem definition, with two of the major relevant tools, by tracing the history of development of a safety-critical product, and the profound consequences of failing to use a model-based approach.
We hope you can join us for this presentation.
When: Tue 28, Jun 15:30-16:55 EDT

Session Chair: Christopher Hoffman
Session Host: Olivier Dessoude

Author: Robert Halligan, PPI Managing Director, Principal Consultant & Course Presenter

A Framework of Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes for High Performance Engineering
Pre-recorded presentation by PPI’s Robert Halligan, Managing
Director, Principal Consultant & Course Presenter

Engineering projects are notoriously challenging, even more so for projects that are ground-breaking, complex and critically important. We are all trying to do these projects well, and to do them better-which drives the topic of this presentation.
A variety of engineering competency frameworks exists. In this presentation, we overview existing systems engineering competency frameworks. We then present a new, recommended lightweight framework, new in terms of publication but old in that it has been the foundation of the systems engineering education of over 14,000 engineers worldwide. This recommended framework supports a Pareto approach towards practical, in-the-trenches, efficient, value-driven, high-performance engineering.
This 30-minute pre-recorded presentation will be available on the virtual platform throughout the event.
Author: Robert Halligan, PPI Managing Director, Principal Consultant & Course Presenter
PPI’s Showcase Page

Visit PPI’s virtual showcase and learn more about common myths of systems engineering via a video presentation by Robert Halligan.

Come say hello to René through the live chat. We would love to connect with you, share knowledge, ideas and to network.

Six More Myths of Systems Engineering
Pre-recorded presentation by PPI’s Robert Halligan, Managing Director & Course Presenter 

PPI Managing Director and Course Presenter Robert Halligan demystifies common assumptions and myths about systems engineering in this presentation available at PPI’s showcase page.

Some of the myths addressed are:

  • Substantial changes to requirements during development are inevitable
  • The use of negatives in requirements is evil
  • Goals are nice to have
  • Trade studies should weight criteria
  • Verification requirements are a list of verification methods
  • OCD and CONOPS are synonyms.
PPI Promotional Video
If you are attending the IS in person, look out for PPI’s 3-minute promotional video, where PPI Business Development Manager & Senior Engineer René King will give you a quick presentation about PPI, our services and free SE products. 

PPI team member INCOSE IS participants

Alwyn Smit 
Principal Consultant & Course Presenter
LinkedIn: Alwyn Smit

John Fitch
BS EE and Physics ESEP
Principal Consultant & Course Presenter
LinkedIn: John Fitch

Randall Iliff
BSc (Engineering), MSc (Systems Management)
Principal Consultant & Course Presenter
LinkedIn: Randall Iliff

René King
BSc (Engineering), MScEng
Business Development Manager & Senior Engineer
: René King

Robert Halligan 
FIE Aust, CPEng IntPE(Aus)
Managing Director, Principal Consultant & Course Presenter 
LinkedIn: Robert Halligan 


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