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Leadership Webinar: The Future of PM & SE Integration



Join PPI Principal Consultant and training presenter, Randall Iliff alongside other leaders from PMI and INCOSE, as they discuss what is being done to advance the future of PM-SE integration.

Date: Wednesday, 21 April 2021
Time:  11:00am – 12:00pm USA EDT


Ten years ago, the Project Management Institute (PMI) and INCOSE formed an alliance focused on examining the relationship between Project Management (PM) and Systems Engineering (SE), with the goal being to improve the integration of the two skill sets thereby enhancing development project/program outcomes. Both organizations can be proud of the research and publications that emerged, but there is still much work for PMI and INCOSE ahead to realize the original vision of harmony.

In this month’s Tech Ops webinar, you’ll have a chance to meet the leadership team from both PMI and INCOSE, catch up on news and current status related to the alliance effort, and participate in a round-table discussion focused on “How can PMI and INCOSE work more closely together to better support PM-SE integration needs?”

Randall Iliff

Simply put, Randall Iliff is a terrific resource for anyone working to turn dreams into reality. Thanks to extraordinary mentors, immersion in great innovation cultures, and decades of diverse application experience, Randy brings a unique body of developmental insight applicable across a wide range of enterprise, engineering and managerial efforts. This insight enables Randy to excel in many roles, including those as a project manager, system engineer, new product development leader … read more.

Email: RIliff@ppi-int.com
LinkedIn: Randall Iliff
INCOSE Spotlight: Randall Iliff

Missed the Webinar?

A recoding of the webinar will be available on INCOSE Connect at https://connect.incose.org/Library/Webinars/Pages/INCOSE-Webinars.aspx where you will also be able to view INCOSE’s previous 148 webinars. 

Other Speakers

Bernardo Tirado

Dave Garrett

Olivier Lazar

David Urias

Kerry Lunney

Marilee Wheaton

Mitchell Kerman

Tina Srivastava


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