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PPI SE Courses for the Americas go Monthly


PPI’s 5-Day systems engineering course (SE5D) has always been popular in the Americas – the United States, Canada, Brazil, and other South American countries. This popularity is due to a strong orientation of the training towards how to successfully engineer systems with intensely practical, very efficient and effective methods for requirements capture and validation, physical and logical design, the conduct of trade-off studies and other important aspects of systems engineering practice. So confident is PPI in the quality and novelty of this training that we provide a money-back guarantee: a guarantee that participants will learn new techniques and gain new understandings that they regard as valuable for the engineering of systems/products, regardless of age and experience, or a no-questions-asked refund. We have never received a request for a refund!

Starting this August, the SE5D course will be delivered monthly for the Americas, alternating between USA East Coast and Mountain time zones. The link below leads to a detailed description of the course content, course FAQs, schedule, and facilities for you or your colleagues to register. Upcoming dates for 2021 are:

20  – 24 Sep 2021   |   North America UTC -6:00 (MDT 8:00)

25  – 29 Oct 2021    |   North America UTC -4:00 (EDT 8:00)

15  – 19 Nov 2021   |   North America UTC -7:00 (MST 8:00)

6  – 10 Dec 2021   |   North America UTC -5:00 (EST 8:00)


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Your success matters to us. Acquire new skills to excel in 2024. Register your interest today!




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