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1. A Journey Through Systems Engineering
Using an amusing example from start to finish, the presenter will have us performing Requirements Analysis, Physical Design, Logical Design, the conduct of Trade-Off Studies, Specification of system elements, System Integration, Verification, Validation, and Systems Engineering Management, all incorporating a strongly model-based approach (MBSE). In this interactive event, we can expect important principles to shine, and impediments to success to be highlighted.
2. Principles of the Engineering of Systems
Get the principles right, and the rest can follow. Get the principles wrong, and our chances of success are remote. In this presentation, the presenter distills the engineering of systems to 14 basic principles (or for longer versions, 24 principles). Each principle is explained and discussed in an interactive format.
3. Twelve Issues in Systems Engineering
This presentation was delivered at the 2007 International Symposium of the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) in San Diego by PPI’s Managing Director and Systems Engineering guru Robert Halligan. The full text of this presentation, which challenges some conventional wisdoms, is now publicly available; this download contains the supporting graphics.
4. Measuring Requirements Quality
In this tutorial, the presenter will explain why a requirements quality metric is one of the most valuable metrics in controlling and improving the outcomes of technical projects. They will go on to explain how to measure the quality of a set of specified requirements. The tutorial includes an interactive workshop in which you will exercise an effective method of measuring requirements quality. You are invited to bring your own requirements! Or select from one of PPI's offerings.
5. Building and Using a System Effectiveness Model
A sound principle of systems engineering is that, when faced with decisions between feasible solution alternatives, we always want to pick the best according to the values of the people we are serving. In this interactive session, the presenter will illustrate how to build a system effectiveness model, then how to use the model to support decision-making between feasible design alternatives.
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René King
Business Development Manager & Senior Engineer

Miss René King is a Senior Engineer and Business Development Manager at  …

John Fitch
BS EE and Physics, ESEP
Principal Consultant & Course Presenter

John Fitch brings over four decades of systems engineering, engineering management …

Robert Halligan
FIE Aust CPEng IntPE(Aus)
Managing Director, Consultant & Course Presenter

Mr. Robert Halligan is an executive project manager, engineering manager …

Randall Iliff
BSc (Engineering), MSc (Systems Management)
Course Presenter & Principal Consultant

Randall Iliff has proven experience in helping people turn dreams into reality …

Terms & Conditions

PPI’s tutorials are available free to professional societies having a focus on some aspect of engineering, engineering management or project management. They are available for interactive online delivery, and potentially, in-person delivery. So far PPI has provided its tutorials on-site to professional organizations in Australia, Brazil, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Mongolia, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, South Africa, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom and the USA. Delivery locations in the United States have included Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Orlando, Seattle, and Washington.

We are also happy to deliver our free tutorials to larger companies that may request a tutorial on a topic of interest.

General Conditions:

  • for in-person delivery, the organization provides delivery venue and other facilities as agreed
  • for online delivery, the organization provides participant-end IT resources, including Zoom access (or agreed alternative)
  • each party will use best endeavors to ensure that the event proceeds as planned
  • either party may cancel the event without penalty
  • other mutually-agreed conditions may apply
  • each party meets its own costs unless otherwise agreed

Conditions for professional societies:

  • audience of at least 15 professionals expected
  • voice and video recording is allowed if made available only to members

Conditions for companies:

  • audience of at least 25 company-employed professionals expected
  • no voice or video recording
  • NDA is possible
  • for online delivery, participant-end video must be on during delivery (no black boxes!)
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