Corporate Training

All public training courses are also available on-site in-house and live-online, worldwide. Other courses are available on-site and in-house live-online only. PPI has delivered on-site training to thousands of professionals on six continents, from New York to the Canary Islands, and PPI Live-Online from Albuquerque to Brunei.

Some advantages of PPI's corporate training over attending a public course

  • Flexible, at a time best suited to your needs for training
  • Helps maintain focus and productivity
  • Can be tailored to best satisfy the needs of your enterprise
  • Reduced travel costs
  • Savings in course fees of up to 50%
  • Greater participation of your people possible through delivery at any of your locations, worldwide
  • Train a project team together, fostering teamwork as a result of consistent team knowledge, understanding and terminology
  • For PPI Live-Online training, staggered delivery, parallel course deliveries over half-days and other flexibilities all may be possible

How to request a corporate training proposal

  1. You make an enquiry

    Our team talks with you about your training needs including learning outcomes, where you are based, desired numbers and when you would like to schedule the training. FULL LIST OF PPI OFFERINGS

  2. We give you a proposal

    A comprehensive proposal will outline what is offered, costs, logistics, and deliverables. Pricing is influenced by the location as well as the number of delegates, and potentially any staggering of delivery. Upon commitment, we jointly decide on suitable dates.

  3. We come to you and deliver the course

    Your team receives our training and your company reaps the benefits. 


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