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Requirements, OCD & CONOPS in Military Capability Development

A course presented over 5 days by Robert Halligan or Alwyn Smit.

This course is a five-day immersion in the development of military capability, with a focus on problem definition, Operational Concept Description (OCD – how the capability, and each element of its solution, will be used), and concept of operations (CONOPS – how the capability outcome is to be achieved), and specification of technology items and related services that will form a part of the capability solution. For reasons explained in the course, a CONOPS may also be referred to as an Operational Solution Description (OSD). The course requires no background or previous experience in OCD, CONOPS or requirements specification development.

The course content is easily transferable in application to any substantial business system, public infrastructure system, or other large undertaking involving people and technology as a part of the solution.

The training is consistent with a systems approach to problem-solving, as advocated by defense and other administrations worldwide. This is an interdisciplinary, collaborative approach to the engineering of system solutions (of any type). The approach aims to capture stakeholder needs and objectives and to transform these into a description of a holistic, life cycle balanced system solution. This solution will both satisfy the minimum requirements of the stakeholders, and optimize overall solution effectiveness according to the values of the stakeholders.

Stakeholder measures of effectiveness could include, for example, measures of military capability, ease of use, operational availability … and programmatic measures such as investment cost, sustainment cost, National Industry Content … as applicable. Within the concept of overall effectiveness, Operational Effectiveness, of primary concern to the Commander or the other leader, is isolated.

This course is recognized by Engineers Australia for CPD purposes (40 hours). This course is recognized by Engineering New Zealand for 40 CPD hours (click here for details). This course may be credited toward the maintenance of the INCOSE Certified Systems Engineering Professional (CSEP) accreditation for 40 Professional Development Units. This course is recognized by ECSA South Africa (ref. INCOSE 20/003) for CPD 5 points.