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PPI Live-Online

Virtual systems engineering training

Presented by Robert Halligan, Alwyn SmitClive Tudge or Michael Gainford.

All of PPI’s training is now available via PPI Live-Online, delivered to match local time zones worldwide. Our training has received accolades from many of the world’s leading companies for its high value-adding, practical and original content. Unlock the full power of systems engineering for business benefit by taking PPI’s training via PPI Live-Online.

PPI Live-Online training can be taken via registration for a public course, or virtual “onsite” to a team or group within your enterprise.


PPI Live-Online training is scheduled to align with typical working hours in specific regions:

  • Asia
  • Europe (Central)
  • North America (West & East)
  • Oceania
  • South Africa
  • South America
  • Turkey
  • United Kingdom

Pricing varies region-to-region; learners anywhere may register for any PPI Live-Online course regardless of alignment to regions. Courses are listed in order of UTC time of commencement of the training on the first day.

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