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World’s Biggest Onshore Wind Turbine Blades Unveiled in China


Blades that will become the biggest onshore wind turbines (Image credit: SANY Renewable Energy)

SANY Renewable Energy, a prominent Chinese company, has achieved a monumental feat in renewable energy technology by unveiling the world’s largest-ever onshore wind turbine blades. These extraordinary blades, towering at an impressive 131 meters in length, surpass any previously used in onshore power plants. To put their size into perspective, each blade is larger than iconic landmarks such as Big Ben or the Statue of Liberty.

Once installed in central China in the upcoming months, each turbine, comprising a 15-megawatt capacity and three of these colossal blades, will boast a remarkable diameter exceeding 260 meters. Manufactured at SANY Renewable Energy’s factory in Bayannur, northern China, the SY1310A onshore wind turbine blades represent a remarkable feat of engineering prowess.

The company highlighted the numerous technological innovations incorporated into these groundbreaking blades, including a high-performance airfoil with a thick blunt trailing edge, an optimized airfoil layout, and overall increased thickness. These advancements not only enhance stiffness and strength but also provide essential protection against extreme weather events such as lightning.

Peter Majewski, a distinguished expert from the University of South Australia, emphasized the advantages of such massive wind turbines, noting that larger turbines result in the need for fewer installations. However, he also acknowledged the challenges associated with their visibility and installation costs, underscoring the importance of social acceptance for such large-scale projects.

While the potential of larger wind turbine blades is significant, Majewski cautioned about the logistical complexities of transportation and the eventual disposal of these structures as they age. His research, conducted in collaboration with colleagues, highlighted the impending challenge of managing tens of thousands of tonnes of wind farm blades reaching the end of their lifespan by 2050.

Nevertheless, Majewski welcomed the incorporation of recycled polyurethane in the construction of these groundbreaking blades, underscoring the importance of sustainable practices in renewable energy development.

The unveiling of these record-breaking onshore wind turbine blades marks a significant milestone in the renewable energy sector, demonstrating China’s commitment to advancing clean energy technologies and contributing to global efforts in combating climate change.

For further insights into this groundbreaking achievement and its implications for the renewable energy industry, stay tuned for updates from SANY Renewable Energy and the broader renewable energy community.


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