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Cargo 727 Collision with MD-82 in South Sudan


Image credit: Upper Nile state governor’s office

In a remarkable turn of events at Juba International Airport, South Sudan, a Ukrainian-operated cargo Boeing 727 managed to land safely after colliding with the wreckage of a McDonnell Douglas MD-82. The incident occurred on a recent Sunday morning when the 727, operated by Meridian, was concluding a cargo flight originating from Egypt.

The collision resulted in significant damage to the 727’s right-hand wing, which was torn open upon impacting the MD-82’s vertical stabilizer. Despite the severity of the damage, all occupants aboard the 727 miraculously survived the ordeal unharmed. The MD-82, owned by South Sudan’s South Supreme Airlines, had been left on the airport’s western perimeter following a crash-landing in June 2022.

Image credit: Upper Nile state governor’s office

The successful landing of the 727, despite the unexpected collision, highlights the skill and quick thinking of the flight crew. The incident has underscored the critical importance of maintaining clear and safe environments around airports to prevent such hazardous occurrences.

Investigations are underway to determine the precise circumstances that led to this unusual collision and to implement measures to enhance airport safety. The aviation community has been closely following this incident, relieved by the fortunate outcome and eager to learn from the event to improve safety protocols.


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