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Engineering Successful Infrastructure Systems

A course presented over 5 days by Robert Halligan or Dr. George Sousa

POORLY managed infrastructure projects have wasted almost $30B of taxpayer funds. Berlin’s new airport is a contender for the world’s most useless. More lawsuits filed over the Miami bridge collapse. Trains Too Wide to Fit Tunnels. The outrageous highway schemes left as roads to nowhere. Project that turned proud stadium into national joke. Critical Infrastructure Under Attack. These are REAL public-domain headlines!

These, of course, are mainly dramatic, one-off cases. But worldwide average performance of infrastructure projects is nothing to be proud of. For example, a 2012 Dutch study showed that for rail projects, average project cost performance in north west European countries was 27% overrun and in other geographical areas, 44% overrun. Corresponding figures for bridge projects were 45% and 27% respectively. The picture in the United States is similar to that in Europe.

This course is a five-day immersion in the successful engineering of infrastructure that delivers maximum value to stakeholders. The course is based on systems thinking, here applied to projects and engineering. And so, the course has a strong systems engineering foundation. Systems engineering as a discipline has been proven to substantially reduce costs, reduce project durations and increase client satisfaction.