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World’s First Cooking Robot Redefines Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness in Hospitality


I-Robo – Cooking robo wins CES 2024 Innovation Award Winner. (Image credit: TechMagic/Press Kit)

In a culinary breakthrough, I-Robo, the world’s first cooking robot by Tokyo-based TechMagic, has served over 100,000 meals in Japan and earned the CES 2024 Innovation Award in robotics. Beyond addressing labor shortages, this culinary marvel showcases the fusion of culinary expertise and cutting-edge engineering, revolutionizing meal preparation.

Culinary Trailblazer

I-Robo tackles labor shortages with features like automatic seasoning, cooking automation, and a self-cleaning frypan, connecting to a vast digital recipe library. The CES 2024 Innovation Award recognizes its impact on the culinary landscape and its pioneering role in robotics.

Engineering Success

Trialed in East Asian restaurants, I-Robo impressively reduced labor costs by nine points, enhancing the profit ratio. This success story highlights the practical application of engineering in addressing kitchen staff shortages, solving real-world challenges with precision.

Redefining Efficiency

I-Robo’s user-friendly touch panel, driven by smart algorithms, delivers fresh and health-conscious meals. Its engineering brilliance goes beyond a conventional interface, seamlessly executing user instructions, from seasoning to cleaning. TechMagic’s emphasis on automated cooking prowess showcases adaptability in adjusting parameters based on the selected menu.

TechMagic’s Commitment to Culinary

TechMagic’s founder, Yuji Shiraki, underscores the company’s specialization in developing cooking robots. With plans to introduce I-Robo to the US market, TechMagic aims to use engineering to address challenges in the global food industry, offering innovative solutions.

In conclusion, I-Robo’s success is not just culinary; it’s a testament to the transformative power of engineering in redefining efficiency and cost-effectiveness. As it eyes the global market, I-Robo represents a harmonious blend of culinary expertise and engineering brilliance, ushering in a new era in hospitality technology.


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