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Unlock the power of systems engineering through expert consulting

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You can tap intellect and experience that will help you exploit systems engineering to greatest effect, via on-site and remote working and online communication. Emerge from these challenging times with improved processes, more-capable staff and a better future. When one door closes, another door opens.

PPI is best known for its leadership in systems engineering training. Not so well known are our consulting capabilities and achievements. Assignments undertaken by PPI include:

  • systems engineering capability benchmarking (Australia)
  • requirements capture, validation and specification assignments in the medical device sector (USA)
  • architecture consulting for a very large, leading edge system development (Germany)
  • working with a large energy-sector company to achieve a systems engineering culture top to bottom (USA)
  • assessment of IPI effectiveness for a $4B project (Australia)
  • requirements management consulting for a company in the marine products sector (Australia)
  • large scale management and engineering support to the $1B Lead-in Fighter Project (Australia)
  • numerous requirements quality measurement and reporting assignments (USA, Australia)
  • engineering support to a $400M electronic warfare self-protection project (Australia)
  • engineering education University curriculum development (Singapore)
  • risk-based optimisation of Air Traffic Management support infrastructure (Australia)
  • product requirements capture and validation in the oil and gas sector (USA)
  • development of a requirements management framework (New Zealand)
  • numerous source selection evaluations (Australia).

Clients typically apply our services for the purposes of capability benchmarking and improvement, acquisition, project delivery, or independent verification and validation. Our means of service delivery include:

  • support by email and telephone, and video conference, with work performed off-site (often traveling)
  • consultancy performed on-site/off-site
  • contracted studies performed primarily off-site
  • long-term on-site physical presence.
PPI Services include
  • Requirements GURU
  • Requirements Quality Measurement
  • multi-disciplinary technology-based project definition studies, applying the best systems engineering expertise world-wide
  • development of engineering process capability
  • development of engineering people capability through coaching and mentoring
  • development of engineering team capability
  • on-site systems engineering capability assessments & benchmarking
  • acquisition management support
  • bid & proposal support
  • project management support
  • project risk analysis
  • RFT/RFP solicitation preparation and proposal tender evaluation
  • requirements analysis (capture and validation) and specification writing
  • systems engineering – requirements analysis and systems design
  • systems independent verification & validation

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Some Software Tools that we use
  • CORE™ functional analysis and system design MBSE tool
  • CRITERIUM DecisionPlus decision support software
  • DATA™ decision and event tree decision analysis and contingency planning software
  • Logical Decisions™ trade study software (MAUT-based)
  • CASA (LCC) and other costing tools
How we work
Project Performance International is flexible with respect to client preferences for contract type. The following contractual bases are typical:
  • full responsibility on a project/work package/specified deliverables basis, fixed or variable price
  • consultancy and professional services – Project Performance International responsible for task management
  • ad-hoc advice & mentoring, delivered by email, videoconference & telephone
  • contract labor – client responsible for task management.
Consulting (ad hoc)
Support by PPI principal consultants by electronic communication. Support may be pre-purchased in blocks of 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 hours. Minimum charge tine is 0.5 hour. The charge for ad hoc off-site consulting:
10 hours USD 2,080
20 hours USD 3,947
50 hours USD 9,698
100 hours USD 18,998
200 hours USD 36,998

The fees quoted above for ad hoc off-site work are valid for engagements to 31 December 2020.

As you can see, PPI can help you in all facets of systems engineering. Benefit from PPI’s consulting services – contact us today to discuss.

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