PPI and INCOSE Systems Engineering Tools Database (SETDB) Activity at the INCOSE IW 2021

At the virtual INCOSE International Workshop taking place from 29-31 January 202, PPI and INCOSE will be conducting work sessions to overview the current status of the SETDB website and develop supporting operational procedures. The INCOSE-PPI SETDB project has been ongoing since January 2018 and it is wonderful to see the project winding down after …

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Successful First Live-Online CTI Course in China

In December 2020, CTI David Mason and CTI China Business Developer Victoria Huang presented two courses to Chinese delegates in live-online format for the first time ever. David and Victoria have delivered dozens of courses in China in in-person format but never before has this course been presented with presentation and translation, virtually. Typically, a …

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PPI Welcomes Eduardo to the Team

Eduardo Muñoz, based in Campinas, SP, Brazil, has joined the PPI team in the role of Staff Engineer. Eduardo holds a BEng in Mechanical Engineering, MSc – Research Masters in Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering and an MBA from ITA – Aeronautics Institute of Technology, São José dos Campos, SP, Brazil.

A Record Week For PPI

PPI/CTI achieved a record-breaking delivery of six courses at once in various delivery locations around the world during the week of 7 December 2020. Well done to the team! 

PPI Welcomes Maika Back to the Team

Maika Machado headed PPI’s Brazil office in Sao José dos Campos from 2004 to 2009, before returning to full time study. Now Maika, under her married name of Maika Bergmann, has returned to the PPI family in a role supporting the PPI/CTI leadership team. Maika holds a Bachelor’s degree in Tourism Administration, a Post-Graduate Degree …

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The Wedge Model

  DESCRIPTION OF THE WEDGE MODELTM By Robert J. Halligan FIE Aust CPEng Project Performance International Pty Ltd P.O Box 2385 Ringwood North Vic 3134 Australia Ph: 61-3-9876-7345 email: rhalligan@ppi-int.com For a PDF version of this article, please click here Abstract The Vee Model, first defined by Rook in 1986, has served well as a …

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Requirements Analysis that Works!

Robert Halligan, FIE Aust Managing Director, Project Performance International Email: rhalligan@ppi-int.com Introduction: Innumerable studies have concluded that requirements problems are the single biggest contributor to cost overruns, schedule slippages and loss of capability in systems and software projects. Cost impacts alone of 10%, 20%, 50%, 80% and more are regularly reported by practitioners and researchers. …

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BUILDING A GREAT “Work” Breakdown Structure

by Robert J. Halligan, FIE Aust CPEng IntPE(Aus), Project Performance International Tel: +61 3 9876 7345              email: rhalligan@ppi-int.com 1.           INTRODUCTION TO WBS/PBS 1.1         What a WBS Is and Isn’t        Let’s get one thing straight. A “Work” Breakdown Structure (WBS) isn’t a breakdown of work. WBS is a really, really bad …

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Requirements in Context

What is a requirement? An excellent place to look for a definition is always a universally recognized dictionary. Too many times we redefine terms because we can, and then we end up adding to the plethora of definitions already in existence and thus contributing to further confusion. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a requirement as: “something …

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Does Systems Engineering Work?

Assessing the Effectiveness of SE By René King, Senior EngineerProject Performance International Systems Engineering (SE) practitioners and researchers have claimed many benefits of applying SE including improved product definition and development and enhanced performance of businesses. It is no secret that applying a SE process to development can mean a slightly longer problem definition phase, …

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