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Requirements Engineering (English Second Language)

A course presented over 4 days by Robert Halligan or Clive Tudge

Requirements analysis and specification writing are sciences practiced by many, mastered by surprisingly few. And yet, the payoff from achieving excellence in these areas is large. The three aspects: requirements management, requirements analysis (capture and validation) and specification writing, comprise the content of this in-depth course.

The requirements management content addresses requirements traceability and change management. The requirements analysis content addresses the techniques used to capture, validate and gain a complete understanding of system requirements originating in all stages of the system life cycle. The specification writing content addresses in detail the conversion of individual requirements into effective requirements specifications. The structure and language of requirements specification are addressed in detail.

A workshop approach is used extensively in the course, to maximize learning and practical application. Effectiveness of the techniques, collectively comprising a complete methodology, is independent of the domain of application, and independent of the specifics of the need. These techniques have been used on projects worldwide with great success.

The course is strongly activity oriented throughout, beyond the workshops. The techniques of specification writing that are taught have been used to great effect in scenarios that include acquisition, supply, product definition (both hardware and software), enterprise internal projects, business analysis and diverse engineering projects, large and small.