Documents for Attending Delegates

Documents for Presenters to send out electronically to attending delegates:

OCD-DID PPA-000950-16 (OCD) 180320
SOW-DID PPA-000953-8 (SOW) 170818
SyRS-DID PPA-002235-15 DID (SyRS) 170817
SRS-DID PPA-002237-10 (SRS) Version B 170817
O&SCD-DID PPA-002588-2 DID O&SCD 120601
SSDD-DID PPA-003461-5 (SSDD) Version b 120525
CONOPS-DID PPA-004023-4 (CONOPS) 120703
IDD-DID PPA-004611-5 (IDD) 180118
SEP-DID PPA-005327-15 (SEP) 161229
TS-DID PPA-002236-6 (TS) 170818
DID-IRS PPA-002234-11 DID (IRS) 180109
VRS-DID PPA-003914-7 DID (VRS) 170817
RTR-RA-DID PPI-005695-3 DID (TraceRep – RA) 170817
RTR-SD-DID PPI-005696-3 DID (TraceRep – SD) 170817
SE Books List P006-002059-50 SE Books List 181206
Systems Engineering URLs PPI-003737-10 SE URLs 181206
Description of the Wedge Model PPI-005565-9 Description of the Wedge Model™ 170915
RA&SW Books List P007-006563-16 RA&SW Writing Books 171218docx
Requirements Management Tools List PPI-005107-7 RqtsManToolList – 181203
Search List of Terms PPI-002131-20 Search List Terms 180227
Example Concept of Use (CONUSE) (Example Operational Concept Description – OCD) Submarine Search & Rescue Capability (SSRC) PPI-005606-4 Example SSRC CONUSE 141231
Example Capability System Requirements Specification (CapSyRS) Submarine Search & Rescue Capability (SSRC) PPI-005600-4 Example SSRC CapSyRS 160813
Example Operational Solution Description (OSD) Submarine Search & Rescue Capability (SSRC) PPI-005603-2 Example SSRC OSD (SSRC)
Example Technology Item System Requirements Specification (SyRS) Emergency Communication Buoy (ECB) PPI-005638-8 Example Buoy SyRS 180301
Example Verification Requirements Specification (VRS) Submarine Emergency Communication Buoy (ECB) PPI-005605-3 Example Buoy VRS 180301
Example Concept of Use (CONUSE) (Example Operational Concept Description – OCD) Submarine Emergency Communication Buoy (ECB) PPI-005601-2 Example Buoy CONUSE 130530
Example Statement of Work (SOW) Submarine Emergency Communication Buoy User Training PPI-005604-2 Example SOW (for Buoy User Training) 140628

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