What benefits would this course offer me as a Business Analyst?

I believe that the course will be of considerable benefit to any Business Analyst (BA). There is much content that aligns with the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® (BABOK®) Guide, as Business Analysts and Systems Engineers are in many respects concerned with the same things – same objectives, same principles, and similar methods. System Engineering tends towards greater rigor, and methods that are more robust than those commonly used by BAs, but are equally applicable to BAs. So BAs should benefit greatly from attending this course.

The benefit to the enterprise is increased value from technical projects:

“Systems engineering is an interdisciplinary, collaborative approach to the engineering of systems (of any type) which aims to capture stakeholder needs and objectives and to transform these into a description of a holistic, life cycle balanced system solution which both satisfies the minimum requirements, and optimizes overall project and system effectiveness according to the values of the stakeholders. Systems engineering incorporates both technical and management processes” Source: Halligan, 2003

Scientifically-based studies by Carnegie Mellon University SEI, IEEE and the NDIA show correlation coefficients between systems engineering practices and project performance (quality, cost and schedule) averaging +0.3 for technical projects in general and +0.6 for the more complex projects. These figures are very significant, given that the process reference is CMMI V1.2, which can be viewed as representing good practice, but is removed from best practice (as understood today).

Click here to download a presentation by PPI’s Managing Director Robert Halligan FIE Aust CPEng titled “The Business Case for Systems Engineering”.

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