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Software Engineering

A course presented over 5 days by Hanno Retief

As the science of software engineering matures and our tools for building software systems improve, software has pervaded every facet of modern life. Ranging from simple web pages or small smartphone applications, to highly technology-intensive, complex business, defense, aerospace or transportation projects, some challenges of software development has proven stubbornly difficult to overcome. With up to a third of software projects cancelled before completion and many more challenged, some suggest that even though software projects are ever increasing in scope and complexity, the industry’s ability to improve on project delivery has stagnated. Evidence from annual studies such as those of the Standish Group support this contention. Taking an in-depth look at the contributors to project success, attention needs to be given not just to areas of software requirements, architecture and design, but across all aspects of the software life cycle.

This 5-day course in Software Engineering provides an overview of the elements for the effective realization of software and software-intensive systems that are cost-effective, on schedule and meet stakeholder needs over the full life cycle.

The course approaches software development from, simultaneously, a software technology and a systems perspective in the engineering of small and large, simple and complex software, and software-intensive systems.  The course provides proven principles and effective methods for creating solutions to satisfying stakeholders with excellent, cost-effective software.

This course is recognized by Engineers Australia for CPD purposes (40 hours). This course may be credited toward the maintenance of the INCOSE Certified Systems Engineering Professional (CSEP) accreditation for 40 Professional Development Units. This course is recognized by ECSA South Africa (ref. INCOSE 20/005) for CPD 5 points.