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Requirements Engineering (English Second Language)

A course presented over 4 days by Robert Halligan or Clive Tudge

Requirements engineering is practiced by many, mastered by surprisingly few. And yet, the payoff from achieving excellence in this field of project activity is large.

This course first establishes fundamental principles and relationships as they relate to requirements (plus MOEs, etc), with emphasis on how requirements come into existence: the relationship between requirements and design.

The course then addresses the techniques used to capture, validate and gain a complete understanding of requirements, both initially, and at all subsequent stages of a system life cycle.

Finally, the course addresses in detail the conversion of individual requirements into effective requirements specifications. The course focuses on the structure of requirements specification, based on principles and without reference to specific languages.

This course, available world-wide on an in-house basis, and in some countries on a public basis, is the language-independent equivalent of Project Performance International’s five-day public course in Requirements Analysis and Specification Writing (one day of this latter course focuses on English language requirements specification).