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Human Systems Integration

A course presented over 5 days by Dr. Gavan Lintern

Human Systems Integration is a systems engineering strategy that enhances system performance by integrating technical functions of subsystems with the human work processes those technical functions need to support. Human Systems Integration addresses the design of technological support systems such as interfaces and decision aids. It also addresses human resource issues such as team design, organizational design, staffing, selection and training. The goal of Human Systems Integration is to establish a robust system in which the human capability to perform work is optimized.

This world-leading course focuses on cognitive issues, which are particularly challenging for Human Systems Integration because standard engineering methods do not capture the essential complexities of cognition. This course introduces delegates to specialized methods of human systems analysis and design, and illustrates how those methods can be used to enhance performance and safety within technical and socio-technical systems. The course, while standing alone, complements PPI’s 5-day Systems Engineering Course.