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Each resource is subject to the copyright restrictions, if any, stated on the resource. For resources, copyright of which is held by Project Performance (Australia) Pty Ltd (trading as Project Performance International – PPI), you may copy a resource for your personal use, but not for use in fee-based consulting or training. All other copying is prohibited, unless approved in writing by Project Performance (Australia) Pty Ltd.

PPI believes that free registered access to the SE Goldmine can make a valuable contribution towards initiatives to improve the business performance of an enterprise, and to improve the work performance and careers of individuals performing engineering and engineering management roles.

In return for making this resource available to you, PPI asks for your permission to allow us to inform you periodically of the project and engineering-related training and offerings of PPI in your geographic region. We ask you to consider our offerings, and any related commendations and to pass on the details to others in your enterprise whom you believe may benefit from, or be interested in, our offerings.

If you accept our offer, please check the Accept Terms & Conditions checkbox at the point of registration and then submit your registration.

Project Performance International reserves the right, at its absolute discretion, to approve or reject a request for registered access.

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