Q. Are your overall comments related to ISO/IEC 15288: 2008 (in the FAQ section) still applicable to the 2015 revision, or have most of the shortcomings been addressed?

Answered by Robert Halligan

A. Thankfully, ISO/IEC/IEEE 15288:2015 is hugely better than ISO/IEC 15288:2008, so a lot of the comments on the 2008 standard do not apply. I would rate the 2015 standard overall at about 6.5/10, more good than bad, but still with some serious issues.

The main problem with the 2015 standard is the absence of recognition of the concept of a capability system, and the essential problem definition/problem solving relationship between requirements at a capability system level and requirements on solution elements including bits of technology (what the standard refers to as “system requirements”). The consequence is an implicit “then a miracle occurs” process, together with duplication of what are in reality identical processes of problem definition applied to different systems.

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