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Q. How is Verification and Validation (V&V) covered in the Systems Engineering 5-Day course?


V&V is covered incrementally during the week. When a V&V matter arises, we discuss it in relation to the subject of the V&V. With one and a half hours of incremental coverage of V&V throughout, the course starts with the introduction of the nature, subjects and representative methods of V&V.

On Day 1 we address the question “what is this systems engineering approach?” (ref. the roadmap process diagram and the dog diagram), through to the superimposition of V&V on requirements and design work products via requirements and design reviews in a complex systems diagram (also Day 1), through to the explicit appearance of V&V in a SE Principles workshop (Workshop 1), through the discussion of V&V as represented on a “Football Diagram” process model. On Day 2 we cover in-depth V&V using a Wedge Model (a PPI evolution of the V model, which, unlike the V model, accommodates multiple-build developments, this diagram is totally concerned with V&V), through to discussions of inputs to and outputs from V&V respectively via “box” diagrams, through to extensive presence of V&V in Workshop 2, through to the consideration of verification traceability via discussion of a verification traceability diagram towards the end of Day 2. On Day 4 we discuss the key-word searching approach to requirements verification, through to the brief reinforcement of the importance of using requirements reviews for requirements verification, through to discussion of the use of simulation and control flow analysis for design verification via a logical design process diagram. This is revisited on Day 5 via course notes content in Chapter 6.

Next comes the V&V in Chapter 12 of the course notes. With the exception of a little advice on the administration of design reviews and some definitions, Chapter 12 brings together material that we have dealt with incrementally during the week.




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