Q. What is the difference between PPI’s 5-day Systems Engineering course and CTI’s CSEP Systems Engineering course?

Our Systems Engineering and INCOSE SEP Exam Preparation courses have two very different learning objectives. 

The goal of the SE5D course is to provide people with the tools to practically apply a systems engineering approach to their engineering and their projects. The course strongly emphasizes sound principles and teaches efficient methods with which to implement those principles. The course includes requirements capture and validation, physical and logical design, with a strong model-based (MBSE) orientation, and in-depth discussion of verification and validation, to identify a few topics. There is much more! This Systems Engineering 5-day course provides you with the key concepts and elements of a systems approach to engineering that you can immediately apply to your engineering. The course is delivered using a mixture of formal presentations, informal discussion, and extensive workshop activities that exercise key aspects of systems engineering on a single system through a development life cycle. The result is a high degree of learning, as evidenced by coursework products, and the extensive commendations received from participants.

CTI is a subsidiary of PPI. CTI offers INCOSE SEP Exam Preparation training that is based entirely on passing the INCOSE Knowledge Exam. The course focuses on helping people retain and apply the knowledge of the handbook, but not by way of actually doing the processes described in the handbook. The primary aim is to aid people to pass the exam on their first attempt. A secondary aim is to equip delegates to communicate their work activities – strengths and challenges, using the framing of the handbook with an understanding of how the content may be applied to address those challenges. The INCOSE SEP Exam Preparation (ISEP) course prepares you to sit and pass the INCOSE exam as a prerequisite for Certification. Utilizing leading edge adult learning principles and techniques enables the participants to absorb and recall the content of the handbook effectively.

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