Systems engineering skills offer a powerful team efficiency multiplier​.

Investing in the right SE skills for your team, at the right time, fosters development excellence.

Join 18% of Fortune 100 Companies (and the smallest of start-ups!)

Why choose PPI?

Client Survey Question “Yes” Response*
Did the PPI training you took improve your personal work performance? 100%
Did the PPI training you took improve the performance of the company’s engineering projects? 98.3%
Did the PPI training you took improve the performance of your company/organisation? 93.5%

*Results captured from a PPI client satisfaction survey.

PPI is the world’s leading provider of professional SE training.

Universities are great at awarding degrees and preparing people to enter the workforce.

PPI is who practicing professionals call when facing tight development deadlines in a competitive marketplace, or when seeking to leverage existing skills in new ways.

Lots of well-intentioned people want to teach. Our professional expert instructors already know how to deliver game-changing content for maximum learning and won’t waste your time.

All PPI courses are available for corporate delivery worldwide, usually in on-site, PPI Live-Online™ and hybrid formats.

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Training is PPI’s

premier product

PPI was founded with a mission to make systems engineering skills readily available to organizations and individuals worldwide.

Our training can be integrated with general development consulting support, and offers a readily actionable path to genuine improvement.

Companies love

our courses

“The methodology you defined has positively influenced my career.”

Taras Kazakov, Systems Engineer at Syderal Swiss SA, Switzerland

“I solved problems I was facing on my current project.”

Rachna Harsh, Student, India

“A wealth of info, tips, tools and methods. Thanks again!”

Francois Bouquet, Senior Systems Engineer and Innovator at TNO Science and Industry, Netherlands

“Gave me confidence to tackle projects and solve problems.”

Nigel Collacott , Systems Engineer at Airbus, Germany

“Was, and still is, the most useful training I have ever done.”

Michael DeMello, Systems Engineer at Medtronic, USA

“I learnt more than at some semester-long SE courses!”

Gregory Pon, Systems Integration Engineer at Sandia, UK

“The presenter was so supportive throughout the course.”

Rachna Harsh, Student, India

“Excellent course, great mix of presentation and interaction.”

James Morton, Combat Systems Lead Engineer at BAE Systems, UK

“Helped achieve consistent practices, documentation & outcomes.”

Jordi Manzano, R&D Deputy Manager at Grifols, Spain

These are courses of proven benefit that provide you with the means of developing solutions to real world problems and opportunities.

The content and delivery have been continuously refined by client needs and feedback, and by developments such as new languages and tools.

PPI graduates are plentiful, and will enhance the performance of the teams you create.

A range of training to meet your needs

System/Product Development

The benefits to your system or product development pipeline can be enormous:


Development Management

It takes a system perspective to consistently and efficiently manage the development of systems.


Precise Communications

The benefit of achieving precise communications throughout your product development activities can be enormous:


Domain Focus

The logic of systems engineering is a constant, but implementation practices often vary widely by domain application. These courses offer content that is "pre-tuned" to fit key application domains of SE.


PPI’s entire SE course portfolio has been created to help you engineer systems more effectively, and includes solutions for nearly all essential development activities. Above are suggested courses by business objective, the full catalog can be accessed here.

If you have unique or ongoing skills development needs, let’s explore content tailoring for your organization. Train-the-trainer and licensing are also possible.

Dedicated courses are your best option when the audience is large enough to fill one or more sessions.

If you only have a few people to train, or simply want to test the content, open-registration sessions are a perfect fit.

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