Darren Kelly

Dr Darren R C Kelly of PPI Associate Webel IT Australia was originally educated as a radio-telescope scientist, astrophysicist, and nuclear scientist specializing in computer simulations of scientific instruments. He was introduced to UML at the DESY particle accelerator institute in Hamburg, Germany in the 90s, where UML was being used for particle accelerator modeling and beam simulation.

Dr Kelly established Webel IT Australia in the year 2000 to promote advanced technologies for model-based and graphical software engineering, systems engineering, and real-time synthesis technologies.

He subsequently developed the UML Parsing Analysis recipe for translating text from domain documentation into UML and SysML models of software and real-world systems, scientific instruments and machines.

At ANSTO (Lucas Heights) from 2005 to 2007 he adapted UML and then SysML for graphical block-based modeling of Neutron Beam Instruments, pre-empting the port-based engineering notations and block-modeling strategies of SysML. This was his first use of SysML1.0 and SysML tools.

From 2007 to 2009, Dr Kelly was technical head of development with No Magic for the SysML Plugin for the MagicDraw modeling tool. . He tracked compliance against the SysML specifications, and contributed to the SysML RTF working groups. He created the first models of the SysML specification’s HSUV sample problem in a real SysML tool. He created online SysML tutorials and hands-on SysML workshops (that were MagicDraw-centric). He also delivered internal training and authored MagicDraw’s first UML/SysML online eSchool.

Since 2009 Dr Kelly has been developing and delivering training courses and seminars in UML, SysML, and OCL. In 2011 he participated in the OMG Certified Systems Modeling Professional™ (OCSMP) certification trials. He was a SysML Revision Task Force (RTF) member and has been tracking changes in SysML specifications from the inception of SysML since.

Dr Kelly is a member of the OMG SysML1.7 Revision Task Force (RTF), and is also now a member of the Requirements Working Group for the SysML Submission Team (SST) for SysML2.

Dr Kelly has had an association with PPI for many years, having developed and managed PPI’s Systems Engineering Goldmine online resources portal. Dr Kelly has prepared material and examples that map SysML 1.x modeling to the foundation concepts and diagrams of MBSE that are taught in PPI’s 5-day Systems Engineering training, with some corresponding SE5D and SysML diagrams side-by-side. Dr Kelly is also working long term on a SysML “mapping”/model of the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook.

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