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Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering for Technology-Based Projects & Product Developments (5 days)

Addresses systems engineering as it is understood and practised by leading acquirer, developer and supplier organizations worldwide. This training provides an integrated approach to the set of management and technical disciplines which combine to optimize system effectiveness, enhance project success and reduce risk. Ways of achieving corporate objectives, e.g. time to market, cost of goods sold, product quality, military objectives, are a constant theme throughout the course. (Availability: Public and On-site worldwide)

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Human Systems Integration

Human Systems Integration (5 days)

This five-day course covers two complementary frameworks for the analysis and design of cognitive work. The basic tools of each are described and then demonstrated, to illustrate how they can be applied to enhance human systems integration within systems development and acquisition. Experiential design exercises give delegates practical experience with these techniques. (Availability: Public and On-site worldwide)

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Requirements Analysis & Specification Writing

Requirements Analysis & Specification Writing (5 days)

Requirements Analysis and Specification Writing are sciences practised by many, mastered by surprisingly few. And yet, the pay-off from achieving excellence in these areas is large. The two aspects, Requirements Analysis and Specification Writing, are treated as separate but related topics, each in a course of two and three days duration. The two courses are complementary, with little overlap. They may therefore be taken together, or taken individually. The two courses comprise Project Performance International's popular 5-day public course in Requirements Analysis and Specification Writing. The course is delivered worldwide. (Availability: Public and On-site worldwide)

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Requirements Analysis (3 days)

Addresses the techniques used to capture, validate and gain a complete understanding of requirements communicated at all stages of the system life cycle. (Availability: Public and On-site worldwide)

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Specification Writing (2 days)

Addresses in detail the conversion of individual requirements into effective requirements specifications. The course focuses on the structure and language of requirements specification. (Availability: Public and On-site worldwide)

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Requirements Engineering - English Second Language (4 days)

A language-independent equivalent of Project Performance International's 5-day public course in Requirements Analysis and Specification Writing (one day of this latter course focuses on English language requirements specification). (Availability: Public and On-site worldwide)

Engineering Management

Systems Engineering Management (5 days)

This 5-day course provides in-depth coverage of how to manage engineering projects to maximize project success, within the project’s given constraints. The course establishes principles and provides methods for successfully managing projects, and getting the best out of people, individually and in teams. (Availability: Public and On-site worldwide)

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Requirements, OCD & CONOPS in Military Capability Development (5 days)

A 5-day immersion in the development of military capability, with a focus on problem definition, Operational Concept Description (OCD - how the capability, and each element of its solution, will be used), and concept of operations (CONOPS - how the military outcome is to be achieved). The course requires no background or previous experience in CONOPS development. (Availability: Public and On-site worldwide)

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Project Management

Introduction to Project Management (2 days)

The Introduction to Project Management course is a 2-day introduction to project management with a focus on Information Technology and Software Development projects. It approaches project management from a holistic perspective and covers pre-project activities and stakeholder contributions to projects. It includes consideration of how programs and portfolios relate to projects.

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Visualising IT Projects (3 days)

This course is a 3-day course where participants learn the theory and application related to visualisations. On a day three participants have the oppurtunity of hands on experience creating visualisation and presentations in a scenario based role play. This is where the process comes to life.

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"A very good overview of the software engineering field. Pity I couldn’t have done it 12 months ago"

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