PPI's consultants/professional service providers can help your enterprise achieve success in projects

Project Performance International also offers consultancy and other means of professional service delivery in a large variety of disciplines.

Clients typically apply our services for the purposes of capability benchmarking and improvement, acquisition, project delivery, or independent verification and validation. Our means of service delivery include:

  • support by email, telephone and fax, with work performed off-site (often traveling)
  • consultancy performed on-site/off-site
  • contracted studies performed primarily off-site
  • long-term on-site physical presence

PPI Services include:

  • Requirements GURU
  • Requirements Quality Measurement
  • multi-disciplinary technology-based project definition studies, applying the best systems engineering expertise world-wide
  • development of engineering process capability
  • development of engineering team capability
  • development of engineering people capability through mentoring
  • on-site systems engineering capability assessments & benchmarking
  • acquisition management support
  • bid & proposal support
  • project management support
  • project risk analysis
  • RFT/solicitation preparation and tender evaluation
  • requirements analysis (capture and validation) and specification writing
  • systems engineering - systems analysis and systems design
  • software engineering
  • application of systems engineering to software development
  • systems and software independent verification & validation
  • logistics support analysis

Software Tools which we use:

  • CORE™ functional analysis and system design CASE tool
  • CASETS™ System Engineering toolset
  • System Architect™ structured analysis toolset
  • TENDEVAL™ tender evaluation software
  • Vital Link™ requirements traceability & management toolset
  • XTie requirements traceability tool
  • CRITERIUM DecisionPlus decision support software
  • DATA™ decision and event tree decision analysis and contingency planning software
  • Logical Decisions™ trade study software (MAUT-based)
  • CASA (LCC), SWCE, PACER and other costing tools

How we work

Project Performance International is flexible with respect to client preferences for contract type. The following contractual bases are typical:

  • full responsibility on a project/work package/specified deliverables basis, fixed or variable price
  • consultancy and professional services - Project Performance Australia responsible for task management
  • ad-hoc advice & mentoring, delivered by email & telephone
  • contract labour - client responsible for task management


Relevant accreditations of Project Performance International include:

  • Member - Australian Industry & Defence Network
  • Subsidiary Company (CTI) - Member - INCOSE Corporate Advisory Board
  • Endorsed defence supplier (Australia)
  • Courses accredited by Engineers Australia
  • Courses accredited by the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA)
  • Systems Engineering training in Brazil sponsored by INPE (Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais)

Further details of these accreditations may be available under appropriate arrangements.


"The best was the depth and comprehensiveness of the many interrelated aspects of the subject matter its applicability to real-world , large-size systems development"

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